Common Images that you Can Place in your Letterheads

Robert Johnston asked:

Are you stumped at what to put on this year’s letterheads? Well to become more dynamic in letterhead printing you also must be creative with your letterhead designs. If you have been printing that boring old company logo year in and year out in your letterheads, there will always come a time when you need to change it. For some people, this change comes with cycling through several common types of images that you can place in letterheads. Below are the five major examples of images that you can use.

1. Personal header – One good idea for your letterheads is to just place a personal image header. This can come in handy especially if you are in a managerial position and you want to impress some new business contacts or even your staff. Having a personal header in your letterheads with your name and position can really make an impact especially if you print them in full color. You can empower your paperwork with your authority using them and you can also market your own image to improve your reputation in business.

2. Advertising image – Beyond selling yourself though, you can also try selling your products and services using your custom letterheads. If for example you are a leading manufacturer of a product then you can advertise that using an advertising image of those products in your letterheads. You can send them via your press releases and presentation kits to increase the exposure of your products. If done well, your letterheads can be a good supplementary medium to your advertising campaign.

3. Corporate or personal philosophy – Also, if you are serious about your corporate or personal philosophy, then your color letterheads are the best medium to promote them. You can place a quote and a related image on your letterheads that convey your own unique brand of philosophy. Each letter and paperwork that you send with those letterheads will be your chance to spread your ideas about work and life to other people. This can considerably uplift you and your company’s image with people, while also helping them with your unique message.

4. Artistic indulgence – Of course, if you are already tired of all the marketing and commercialism in your work, you can take a break from all that and just use your letterheads with a good image of artistic indulgence. By using a very detailed and well created letterhead image, you can impress people with your letters and establish a reputation as a creative and innovative person.

5. Your corporate logo – Finally of course, if all else has been used, you can go back to the standard corporate or even personal logo for use in your letterheads. People still respect logos wherever they are. Just keep in mind though that it is good to improve or enhance the look of your logos so that you can keep up with the times.

So those are the five images or design elements that you can cycle through with your letterhead printing. Try to change your letterhead designs to any of these year after year to keep your paperwork looking fresh and dynamic.

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