Letterhead: Create An Impression At First Glance

Matthew Stanton asked:

Creating a good impression on the recipient of your letter is very important. In fact, it can spell a lot of difference if the letter itself commands attention at first glance because of the letterhead.

The letterhead might be taken for granted by some people but the truth is, it can open your doors to more opportunities and could even expand your business ventures.

This letterhead has so much importance in the business sector as it represents the company and is considered as the legal document of the company. Letterheads are used for the official matters relating to different issues of businesses and is considered at the same time as part of the flow of communication within different departments and also to the outside the organizations. Thus, every business has its letterheads for sending letter across the organizations, to send business proposals, to make quotations, making appointment letters, official letter movements, to purchase inventory and related matters.

Because it is considered as a legal document of the company, it can be enforced in the court of law on the basis of a letter head. So letterheads are very important for the business. It gives a corporate image to the people and makes an identity of the company that distinguishes one company from another company.

So, when planning and designing for your letterhead, consider what feeling you want each of your customers to have when they receive something from you, and incorporate that into your letterhead design. One thing to think of is the color that you will use since a black and white letterhead can be considered too conservative and is not open to other options. What is quite popular now though is the use of colors. Color printing is not that expensive, and the positive impact it will have on your letterhead is significant. But bear in mind to use colors that emphasize the purpose of your business and that evoke the type of feelings that you want your customers to have.

The type of paper to be used is also necessary, as the smoother the paper, the better your letterhead will look. You yourself would prefer using an attractive paper rather than using a drab and dull one.

Pay attention to the logo also as it should play a big role in your letterhead being placed in a visible and prominent location. Since you will be using your letterhead on virtually everything you give out, it is going to build up name recognition for your business and your logo will make that even easier.

Moreover, if you commonly send out letters from your office, you might want to consider getting envelopes that match the type of paper you use for the letters. It may seem like a superfluous cost, but it can have a tremendous impact on the recipients.

And a final thing to remember is that never miss the opportunity to use your letterhead. Put it on all of your letters and other things that you print from your office. Also, send it along with all of your other printed material when you send the designs into your printer. Your letterhead should appear on all of your brochures, business cards, posters, fliers, and everything else that you use in your marketing campaign.

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