5 Tips on Letterhead Printing That Will Get You Noticed

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Usually when a small business owner is making a list of all the marketing materials he needs, he’ll forget about letterhead. Other business owners may not think letterhead is that important. But letterhead is extremely important. Along with a business card, a nice letterhead gives off a feeling of a professional, established company.

When creating your letterhead design, think about what kind of reaction you want potential customers and current clients to feel when they first see your letterhead. A fun, laid-back company with a bright, colorful letterhead design? Or a serious, strong company that doesn’t take anything lightly? Neither one of those choices are bad, and there are numerous choices in between these extremes. Whatever gets the feeling of your brand and your company across is right.

Here are some tips to help you get started in creating your letterhead.

Don’t necessarily shy away from color. Granted, most professional companies, like banks, have black and white letterhead. But, these designs border on being boring. Using colors in your letterhead can make the page really “pop” and grab someone’s attention who might otherwise ignore your letter. Just make sure to use appropriate colors, like light blue (relaxing) for a spa rather than bright pink. If you can pull one color out from your logo design to use, that makes a nice design element. Because you should always…

…include your logo.

You should already have a logo to include in all of your marketing materials, but if you don’t, get one. Generally, logos are the centerpiece of letterhead design. Your letterhead will be seen over and over again in direct mail letters, invoices and other business communications, so you need to get your logo on there so people will recognize it when they see it other places.

Use good quality paper.

You should use bond paper that weighs at least 24 lbs. These papers bear a watermark when held up to the light. Bond paper comes in finishes like linen, which add a nice texture to your letterhead. This texture is an easy way to give the impression that you are a high-class company that people should be doing business with.

Include pertinent info.

Your company name will probably be the primary element of your letterhead. Either that, or your logo, if your logo contains your company’s name. You should also include phone numbers, fax numbers, a company email address, your Web site and optionally, the name and title of the President or CEO. Many schools have letterhead with the Principal and Vice-Principal’s names and phone numbers. This makes it easy for parents (customers) to reach someone at the top of the chain.

Don’t forget matching envelopes!

Matching envelopes in the same type of bond paper and with the same font or logo in the return address section exudes class. It might seem like something extra, but think of how out of place your nice letterhead will look coming out of a store-bought, you-can-almost-see-through-it envelope. People will notice if you don’t have a matching envelope. Ask your printer for a discount on envelope printing to go with your letterhead printing.

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