Postcards As Invitations

Lynne Saarte asked:

Some people, believe it or not use postcard printing as a medium for the invitations for their events. This is not a relatively popular use for post card printing, but it is a nice and alternative way to print invitations. Postcard printing can convey a lot of distinct advantages when you print them as invitations. These advantages change the nature of invitations altogether making a unique and surprisingly efficient tool to entice people to go to your event.

Invitation Postcard Advantages:

Easily sent through the postal service

The good thing about postcards is that they are already primed for postal mailing services. This is quite advantageous for your postcard invitations since you won’t have to shop and spend for superfluous baronial envelopes. You also would not need to slide hundreds of paper invitations into the envelopes, and fortunately you also do not need lick and seal those of envelopes as well. Your invitation postcards just need to be addressed and stamped, then all you need to do is to stuff it in the mailbox and you are done!

Image friendly medium

Also, postcards are a very image-friendly medium. In fact the image is really what a postcard is for. Your postcard invitations can capitalize on this nature by designing an image oriented invitation for your event. Everyone likes pictures, and the more appealing a picture is, the more engaged people are to what it is saying. If you print your nice invitation designs into a postcard, people will immediately be interested with just one glance at the design of the card. If you sent your invitation by normal means, (that is to say, hidden in an envelope) there is a considerable chance that people might ignore the invitation until it is too late. So with this respect, postcard invitations can really be useful.

Quick and easy layout

Now, besides its apparent advantages, postcards are perfectly easy to design and layout. There is really little to think about when you design a 4 by 6 postcard surface. You just need a nice impressive image, and an easy to understand but profound quote. Place them in a balanced way with each other and you are all set. The other invitation details can be printed in the back. It is that simple. You would not need to choose different kinds of invitation layouts and the best thing is, you can do it all yourself. You can save money in the process since you won’t need to hire a layout artist.

Postcards as invitations and souvenirs

Finally, there is another big advantage to postcard invitations that most people do not realize. A postcard itself is actually a collectible thing. If your postcard image and design is good, people can actually use your postcard invitations as souvenirs already. If the event is particularly memorable and personal they might even post the postcard invitation/postcard souvenir in their refrigerators or cork boards. It is a nice two for one deal with postcards that you should really take advantage of.

So are you convinced? Postcard printing for invitations promises to be a unique and eye catching tool for your potential guests. You must at least try it out once to see the benefits in doing it. Who knows, your postcard invitations might be your key to a successful and well attended event.

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