Avoid the Mistakes and Get the Best Postcards

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As a business owner, you already know for a fact that your postcard printing project is one of the most amazing marketing tools to get someone’s attention. Moreover, your postcard printing pieces are also the most effective materials to generate sales leads, advertise special offers and sales, introduce a new product or service, communicate with current clients, test new ideas and messages, as well as help your other marketing tools in promoting your business.

It’s as simple as this: postcards do get read and kept by your target clients.

Nevertheless, many businesses still make mistakes despite having postcards as their marketing tools for many years. To avoid adding another mistake to your postcard printing campaign, here are some of the most popular slip ups that can make a big difference in your postcard printing project.

1st Mistake: Wrong Target Prospects

Targeting your prospects is one of the first things you should do whenever you develop a marketing campaign. Having a mailing list that not only has prospective clients that are interested in your business, but also those that have the track record of acting on that interest, would go a long way in having yourself a successful postcard printing marketing campaign.

An in-house postcard printing list would be a great way to start. Then there are companies or brokers that can develop one for you or even let you rent subscriber lists of magazines and newsletters. You can just choose a postcard printing mailing list that has your target market.

2nd Mistake: One-Time Distribution

Your postcard printing marketing campaign will not be effective if you send it to your mailing list just once. Consistent repetitive mailing is the key to making your postcard printing project work. Seeing your name and your business many times would develop credibility and recognition among your prospective clients. As one marketing analyst would say, it may take you a number of times to get in touch with your target clients before you can make a sale; but it would all be worth it.

3rd Mistake: Promotional Postcard Versus A More Personal One

In addition to having a professional air to your postcard printing project, you should also include a more personal touch to your postcard printing piece. It would help you get a more pleasant emotional reaction from your target readers, as well as an increase in positive replies to your postcard printing project.

4th Mistake: Closing Sales With Your Postcards

You should know by now that postcards have very limited space. So don’t try to close a sale whenever you send your postcard printing project to your target clients. Instead, use your postcard printing piece to attract their attention and encourage them to get more information from your website or phone number, or even to come to your special show or event.

5th Mistake: Long Winding Message

As postcards go, you don’t need to go on and on with your product offers or customer service. Not only do you have a small space to write on your postcard printing message, it only takes 5 seconds for your target readers to read and decide whether to keep your postcard printing piece or not. So make use of your 5 seconds wisely. Keep your postcard printing message brief and simple. Remember to KISS: keep it short and simple.

As a business owner, you would know that your postcard printing project is better than most marketing tools. By keeping away from these common mistakes, you will have more opportunities to savor and enjoy the rewards that an effective postcard printing project could bring to your business.

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