Popular Postcard Themes and Designs

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

Are you getting stuck with creating a design for color postcard printing? When printing postcards, the front image is of course the crucial part. A postcard’s main appeal and marketing value is determined by that image. So you must carefully think about that front postcard image design. This is your key to success in printing postcards.

If you are in a “designer’s block” however then this could be a difficult task. Luckily, we have a few tips on postcard printing design for you. Below are a few of the popular themes and designs postcard artists use. You may have been using some of these already, but the others might give you inspiration. So read on and you might find something useful.

The Painting

A popular design style of color postcards is “the painting.” This is usually used by museums, historical places and inspirational novelty shops. The painting postcard design simulates a painting in the postcard image. This might be a real and actual historical painting. For example, you can have color postcards printed with the image of the Mona Lisa or Madonna on the rocks. For historical places, famous paintings of historical figures can be placed in postcards. Even your own custom postcards can benefit from the painting style. If you want to convey a semblance of elegance and respectability in your postcard design then the painting style might work best for you.

The scene

Another design that is quite interesting is the “scene”. This type of style involves capturing your postcard subject matter in an actual scene in real life. It may be something in action like “volleyball at the beach,” or it can be a serene and leisurely picture of fishing in a popular lake. The good thing about this kind of color postcard style is that it demonstrates the lifestyle that happens in the object of your postcard. If you are producing a travel postcard this is a great style to use to promote your place. For marketing postcards, “scene” style color postcards can embody the lifestyle your product, service or company philosophy portrays. The main gold of a scene postcard is to portray life in action and to entice readers saying “this could be you”.

Historical art forms

Next, you can also try a few color art themes from history. This is perfect for themed events or marketing campaigns borrowing historical art themes from the past. For example, you can have postcards that have designs from the 70s and 80s. This immediately connects you with people who were from that era, or who enjoy the popular culture prevalent in those times. For campaigns, a popular theme is the “War Propaganda” theme which are based from artworks done in World War 2. Of course you can also turn to a few classical artists from the Renaissance to imbue your color postcard with their beauty and sophistication.

Post Modern art styles

Lastly, you can try a few post modern art styles which are popular today. One of the examples of this would be the minimalist style where drawings and images are reduced to bare basics of designs like simple lines and block shapes. Other design styles like the chaotic, collage type postcards and surreal vectored and filtered types also apply in this category.

So, have you got any new ideas yet? The good thing about art is you can mix and match them. For your color postcard design, why not try combining a few of the styles mentioned above? Remember that it is always a must to design eye-catching and unique postcard designs. This is the most crucial part on a postcard printing campaign.

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