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Keeping a professional look for postcard printing is essential for your business. Color postcard printing is not just a simple marketing project. Its designs require critical thought that considers all aspects of the message that must be given to the receiver. If you are new to postcard printing, or just a professional that wants to review, then here are a few pointers on how to make your marketing postcard look professional.

Say it all in the image Simple is more. In postcards this is a good maxim. Unlike posters and brochures which have a lot more room for images, postcards are limited to their small dimensions because of their nature. This means you have limited space to work with. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to fill that small space with all the text and images that your marketing team asks for. This leads to a cluttered looking color postcard design.

That is why you need to say it all in one image. Using only one primary image that captures your message will make the reader focus in that message alone. This image should embody the message that you want to convey. For example, a travel postcard for a luxury destination will usually have postcard designs that promote that luxury lifestyle. It tells the reader that “you can be like this” or that he or she should deserve something like that. In fact it can have many levels of messages if you are creative enough with your image. Capturing or designing that once correct color postcard image should be enough since one picture can and should paint a thousand words.

Minimize text on the cover As we said above, you should try to send your postcard message in just one big image. Adding text to this image can help, but it must be as minimal as you can manage it. Too much text on a postcard design is a sign of a bad postcard printing concept. This means you cannot really convey your message without having to directly tell it. Also, lots of text can actually steal attention away from the postcard image itself. This is something that you should not really allow. It is a postcard after all and not a brochure.

Never sound or look too much like an advertisement People receive junk mail all the time. Some even receive junk postcards. These junk mails usually involve some marketing message or advertising ploy. People are used to such things that once they see a postcard that remotely looks like an advertisement, they throw it out. That is why you need to design your postcards in such a way that they do not blatantly advertise. Your images and messages should be subtle, playing to the needs and wants of the customers without selling the business too much. This is a mark of professional postcards. So easy on those “you may have already won” ads and try as much as possible to add some kind of mystery or interesting fact in your postcard designs.

Use your company logo with taste Finally, most businesses want their postcards to have their logo attached. This is a fine practice. However, the logo must not overpower the overall postcard design. So to have a professional looking postcard you need to have the logo placed in a corner where it can be seen, but would not take too much attention out of the main image. If you are creative enough, you can even integrate the logo to the postcard image if you can. This will be a nice and professional touch.

Those should guide you in making your postcard printing project more professional. Remember these pointers and you will not have to worry too much on the end product of your postcards.

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