Cheap Postcards That Work Like Pricey Postcards

Janice Jenkins asked:

Cheap postcards might not be as good to the eye as more high quality postcard printing out there, but you can still use them effectively even with their apparent shortcomings. All you need to use them effectively is a little imagination and some practical thinking. In this article, we will teach you how to use your cheap postcards well so that your investment in postcard printing can be as effective as it can be, albeit having low quality prints.

The Concept Design:

One of the best things that you can do to compensate for your cheap postcard printing is to have a good and unique concept design. This may sound simple but it actually requires a lot of thought. You have to do something new so that your postcard can look good and eye-catching even if it is among other more high quality postcards. Your postcard image must look different, your fonts must be enticing but readable, and your whole message should be something fresh to the minds of your customers.

You can do this by thinking of unique angles for your message that your other rivals have not used yet. If for example most of your competitors use “luxury” type of postcard displaying the elegance of their place, maybe you can look for an alternative angle like portraying the excitement and night life of your own tourist destination. You can integrate this change of message to your whole concept design and it should stand out among the other postcards out there. People will hardly notice the quality of your postcard, especially if they are looking at a design that seems exciting, new and unique.

Extensive distribution

Another thing that you can do to maximize your cheap postcards is to distribute them as extensively as you can. Besides leaving them at your shops as freebies or souvenir items, you can also distribute them by hand as flyers or of course send them for direct mail marketing as well. Be sure to get the most number of addresses that you can send to and make sure that it covers a wide area as possible. Your postcards may be cheap, but if you cover every aspect of distribution with determination, you should pretty much make a similar impact on your market as high quality postcards can.

Repeat Mailings

Also, related to the concept above, you can try to do repeat mailings. Repeat mailings can remind your potential customers of your product or service after sending your first postcard. Since you are printing cheap postcards, more or less you should have a lot of postcards that you can use. So you can probably afford sending an extra second or third batch to your customers to reinforce your message. Cheap or not, the insistent nature of repeat mails will assuredly communicate your message to your market.

By compensating for your cheap postcards this way, you should have no worries about their usefulness. Cheap postcards can really be as effective as normal or high quality postcards as long as you know what you are doing. So remember these tips and make you should make your cheap postcards work for you like normal postcards can.

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