Simple Postcard Printing Techniques

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

If you think of a postcard, it really has just a few simple parts. It has a main image or photograph on the front, with a simple space reserved at the back for a small message. Of course you also have to put in a few lines for an address, and a nice boxlike clipart for the stamp. It is just that simple really. Things get more complicated though as you go from postcard design to postcard printing. When it comes to postcard printing, you have to decide on a lot of options like the postcard paper, glossy sides, the color and quality of images and other such technical details. After that you need to worry about the postcard’s distribution by finding cheap postcard printing services or by employing a direct distribution method such as giving them as giveaways. To make things simpler for postcard printing and distribution, we have a few tips that you can use below. If you are getting confused with the options at your local postcard printing press, then you should be able to appreciate some of these concepts.

The first tip that we can give you is to use photo paper in postcard printing. This is especially relevant if you are printing your postcards at home. Photo paper is actually almost like postcard paper in many respects. It has a blank glossy front cover, while its back is easily printable or writable. Just design your postcard layout and then print that image using your printer with photo paper. Once done, you should cut the postcard in the standard postcard dimension of 4×6 inches or 5×7 inches. Afterwards just write up your message at the back and you have a nice custom made postcard. This technique can save you a lot of money since you won’t have to pay for professional postcard printing service with its hidden fees and taxes. You won’t also need to pay for the delivery of your postcards as well.

Speaking of delivery, we can also offer you a nice postcard delivery tip. When you send postcards especially for direct mail marketing, you still spend some money on postage stamps. Also, it is going to take a lot of effort to print or write all those different names and addresses that you want to send to. Some people think this is an unavoidable task in direct mail marketing. However, for postcards, a lot of cheap postcard mailing options have been appearing lately. More specifically, online postcard printing companies have offered their delivery services to postcards that are printed in their machines. This provides you with a good opportunity to print and distribute your postcards without even leaving your home. Isn’t that wonderful? All you have to do is send a design, and then pay for the quotation and delivery fees. Afterwards you just have to wait as the postcard printing company takes it way from there.

Those are just a few simple techniques, but it can already help you a lot if you want to save money in printing, or to save time in distributing postcards. Postcard printing and distribution should not really be a hard task in the first place. All you need is the right ideas and a guide. So go ahead use these tips when you print postcards. They will help you a lot.

  1. Thank you for sharing some of your techniques. Very informative 😀


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