Defying Postcard Printing Conventions

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Thinking out of the box in terms of design has always been a mark of an innovator. Innovative and eye catching designs will always dictate the flow of design trends since they always dare to defy conventions and use new materials. In postcard printing for direct mail marketing this is especially true. Most companies face tough competition in their postcard printing campaigns that any new idea or strategy can shift market share values within a month’s time. So it is important to always think about new design strategies when printing postcards all the time. This keeps you at the front of things making you market driver instead of being market passenger.

Below are some examples of such convention defying postcard designs. You can use them in your local markets wherever they may be, especially if these ideas have not been used yet. If they are however already in use, then you can think if them as inspirational material which you can build upon for a new convention defying design.

Using metallic inks: One basic but amazing design innovation in postcard printing is the use of metallic inks. Typically people think of postcards in terms of the full color designs. Most designers get fixated with the layout and the proper use of colors, that the ink itself is virtually ignored. However, by using metallic inks with their characteristic sheen or metallic glint, you turn a marketing postcard into something new and exciting. Metallic inks, especially the silver and gold ones give postcards a kind of elegant or even royal value that cannot be mistaken. People who see and receive a postcard with such inks will not think of it as junk mail. They might even want to keep it as a memento or decoration. This increases the life span of your marketing postcard, giving it the staying value to advertise your message over and over again to a person or family.

Adding holograms: Another good idea for postcard printing is the use of holograms. Most holograms today are printed as part of security measures or as toys and other entertainment mediums. However a hologram in a marketing postcard is also a nice idea. This makes the postcard more noticeable and of course more interesting. If you have a pseudo three-dimensional image in your postcard, then your postcard becomes more than an informational tool becomes an entertainment tool as well. People will immediately pick your hologram postcard rather than that boring paper one beside it just to see how amusing and interesting it is.

Embossing and textures: Embossed postcards or textured postcards are a great alternative design as well. They add the “touch” sense to the whole postcard experience. People like feeling and touching interesting things. A textured postcard with an unusual pattern or an embossed design always tempts people to reach out and touch the postcard. Once they touch it, and feel it, they must also read it as well. Once people read your postcard’s message, your postcard’s mission is done. However, it is most probable that people will still keep it as a souvenir of sorts, just because the texture or embossing has some interest value.

Interactive postcards: As our last example, we give the interactive postcard. Interactive postcards are basically color postcards with games, puzzles and other types of entertainment printed on it as a design. This keeps the people engaged with the postcard as they try to figure out the solution to the game or puzzle. Eventually when they solve this, the postcard message may be revealed. By that time you already have caught the reader’s attention and may have already passed on your marketing message. As you can see, interactive postcards work on a very different angle, but they deliver a memorable postcard experience to people that will really help in most marketing arenas.

So there you have it, four examples of convention defying postcard designs. They still adhere to the postal code for sending postcards, but they are not as boring as the standard printing postcards that you see. Try to use one of these techniques, or maybe you can build upon them yourself. The point is, that you should always try convention defying techniques wherein you can make your mark as a unique and innovating direct mail marketer.

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