When Designing Your Presentation Folders

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First impressions are important when it comes to business. Whether we like it or not, we need our clients’ impression of us to be successful not only with our marketing campaign, but more importantly, when running the company. That’s why quality presentation folders are essential tools to have in every marketing campaign.

Quality presentation folders can help you create that lasting and positive impact from those who receive your collateral. Your folder printing not only holds all your other promotional tools, but they also offer you a chance to be different and distinct from everybody else.

Presentation folders do more than just keep your other media documents together. They are functional accessories that complement your whole marketing campaign. So when designing your folders, you need to consider the basics of folder printing

The Overall Appearance

What should be the size of your print folder? The standard size for a regular folder is 9 x 12. But you can choose the size according to what would suit your needs. It can be as big as four bond papers put side by side. Or you can be as small as a booklet. The key is to adopt a size that would be appropriate to your requirements and specifications.

You should also consider the flaps that you’ll have in your folders. The flaps come in varying sizes and shapes. And you can have slits in there too. The slits may be used to hold other marketing media such as your CDs or even your business cards.

The Image

Image is as important as having the right marketing strategy for your business. And through your folder printing, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward. Hence, you create an image that is easy to sell and market to your target clients.

What kind of image would you like your presentation folders to convey? Elements such as your company name, logo, graphic images, company motto, and even your choice of color – all should emphasize the image you would want to have. Just remember that your folders represent you and how you run your business. The design then is very important when you want to make a positive impact.

The Folder Stock

What kind of material should you use for your folder print? If you’re looking for a professional look you must have consistency in both your folder and the collaterals you intend to include inside. Coordinate your folder stock with that of the material found inside. It will make you look organized and professional to your target clients.

The key is to keep everything in your kit looking like they all go together. Not only does it make you look professional, but it also makes it easier for your target clients to remember the information you have for them.

A quality presentation folder means a better chance of your being recognized and remembered. They may just be simple and second rate marketing tools in your arsenal. But they sure do have a very important role of gaining your target clients’ attention and keeping it.

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