The Hallmarks of an Effective Presentation Folder

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Most people think that presentation folder printing is a simple task. In fact folder printing should still be given the time and money any other print medium in its caliber deserves. You should set aside the time to make a folder printing design that takes into account its target audience, material quality and contents. These properties are hallmarks of an effective presentation folder that catches eyes and conveys subtle messages. Read on below and you will find a basic breakdown of the hallmarks of an effective presentation folder.

A simple but effective design

The best presentation folders out there aren’t as loud or colorful as you think them to be. In fact most of them have simple but effective designs. These full color presentation folders often are direct to the point when it comes to their message. They usually have a logo of the company or project with a simple image and just a bare amount of text. These typically convey the philosophy, concept or topic of the materials being discussed inside. This is the key to folder printing design. Presentation folders are containers themselves, and are not posters or brochures. So extra details only make a pocket folder cluttered and ineffective. So avoid putting too much material. Keep it simple and functional.

Folders targeted for a specific audience

The most effective presentation folders out there are designed for a specific target demographic. For example, if the folder is for potential investors then a corporate design is typically used. For potential consumers a more casual eye catching picture is recommended. For general public relations, a design with the company’s corporate image and philosophy must be taken into account. This makes sure that the custom presentation folder is taken seriously by the audience it is being given to. If you don’t cater your folder printing for a specific audience you will not be maximizing its effectiveness. Worse, your folder material might not even be read.

Durable and good quality materials

For folders to be taken seriously, the best and effective presentation folders are always made from the best and most durable quality materials. Are you going to respect a flimsy off the shelf presentation folder that is flimsy and rough? Of course you will not. If that happened, the person who gave the folder will look unprofessional. So spend money so that you can print a good quality folder. Doing so will make you look more professional and will make your presentation folder credible and in the end more effective.

Fit for its contents

Lastly, the folder design should always fit its contents. What if you received a corporate presentation folder and found casual personal letters inside? What will you do if you receive a pocket folder as a public relations kit but all the material you saw inside were not related to public relations. What if you are an investor and you received a company’s investment options in a wild and loud advertising folder? All this situations are examples of presentation folders not fitting its contents. To have an effective presentation folder, the folder must “preview” or compliment the materials inside. This maintains the cohesiveness in the information that you want to give out. If you don’t do this, your target audience may get confused as to what you really want to talk about.

Those are the hallmarks of an effective presentation folder. Use this criteria when you design your own full color presentation folder in the future. Good luck!

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