The Perfect Harmony of Colors in your Flyers

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Color definitely plays a major role in building the mood and tone of the message in your flyer printing project. In creating harmony among your elements, color also provides the transition from one idea to the next.

In designer speak, color is one of the things that makes your marketing collateral work. Color is generally used to make complex messages and ideas easily understood. In fact, color has qualities that make it possible for readers to connect and retain whatever message you have in your print flyers.

Color, however, is subjective. How you perceive the message depends on how acceptable you are to the use of color in your custom flyers. What can be pleasing to one may be undesirable to another.

Although it may be difficult to know what color is acceptable and what is not, there are factors and elements that are effective when it comes to your full color flyer printing project. Recognizing them can give you a better perspective of how to use color in your own custom flyers.

The One-Color Principle.

Although this design principle is becoming less and less popular these days, it used to be that the one true color that worked so well before is black. The main reason that this color was used is to make it easy to reproduce when it’s xeroxed, faxed, and in other publishing documents.

However, with the advent of digital technology, the one-color principle is becoming obsolete. Using digital press equipment makes it convenient and affordable to create more colors than you could ever imagine. And if you need to have a color flyer printing piece in one color, you can always apply it in varying shades to create the illusion of a multicolored print material.

Utility of color.

How well can you apply the color scheme you’ve chosen for your print flyers? Will it cost you more if you use a three-color scheme? Utility is the key to producing the most effective colors in your custom flyer material.

The story in your colors.

Color is a practical tool in telling your story. Color provides the emotions, moods and situations in your flyers to better convey your tale. That is why it is important that you carefully think and plan how your color can associate a particular emotion to tell your message.

According to studies, color can affect human emotions and feelings. As it is, careful thought is given to these color associations to provide better rapport with the audience.

There is no way however, to anticipate how your color flyer printing project will affect your target audience. But knowing some of these considerations may help you create a more acceptable flyer printing piece that can convey your message effectively.

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