How to Start a Successful Flyer Campaign for Your Home Based Business

Kanaga Sivaraj asked:

The success of a Home Based Business is to a great extent dependant on how successfully you have been able to create awareness of your home based business. The people living around you and in the nearby towns should be made aware of what your business is about. They could be your potential customers for various reasons. In addition they could be very useful promoters of your business by word of mouth.

One very inexpensive way of achieving this is to organize a successful flyer campaign. For your campaign to be successful, certain strategies have to be implemented.

1. Why this Flyer Campaign:

Every month we receive hundreds of flyers and most of them are dumped into the trash bin straight away or after just a glance. Yet there are some, we read and even retain. Why? It is simply because there was something in it that grabbed our attention and made us read it. Yes, a flyer must be such that it will grab the attention of the reader straightaway.

You have to ensure that your products or services are explained in as few words as possible. It should offer attractive bargains or a service that is not available in your area. Be brief and have very powerful and compelling words to attract the attention of the reader.

2. Know Your Target Market:

It is extremely important that you know your target market before you start your flyer campaign. Distributing your flyers in areas where people have no interests in your products or services is a waste of time, money and energy.

Furthermore you should also identify to which target group you are catering for. Is it for older or younger people, for males or females and the income group you expect your customers to come from? You may also have an idea of attracting customers for your home based business from far away places too.

3. Where and How to Drop Your Flyers:

It is customary to drop flyers in mail boxes of houses and business establishments. You can also do the same. You must also decide how far away you should go to distribute your flyers.

For your flyer campaign to be more effective, you can also distribute them personally, especially to people whom you have identified as very promising future customers. This personal approach has several advantages.

4. What to Say and How to Write:

Now that you have decided on your target audience, you have to decide on what you are going to say. Your flyer should have a clear purpose. Once you understand the needs and wants correctly, your objective should be to provide a solution to a problem the target audience now experience or introduce something that is new that will attract and appeal to them. The flyer should be short, to the point and striking. You headline should be your main focus and it must be captivating.

Since you flyer will be competing with several others, you have to outsmart the others and attract the attention of your potential clients with a powerful offer.

5. When to Drop the Flyers:

If your products or services of you home based business are not a seasonal one, you can drop the flyers anytime during the year. You should preferably avoid Fridays and week-ends. It is generally accepted that mid-week is the best. If your products are seasonal, then you should of course drop them during the season, especially at the commencement of the season.


These strategies can help you get started. A well organized and successful flyer campaign can bring in a lot of customers for your home based business. Creating awareness of your business is the key to success and a successful flyer campaign is an inexpensive way of doing it.

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