Flyers – How to Make Use of Them?

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Flyers are used as a mean of advertising and sales promoting.

Their efficiency is depended on the way you circle them and how do they reach the potential customer’s hands.

The expression: “Garbage Mail” was born because of those million Flyers who were packed and compressed in our mail boxes. Most of the people don’t care to read those flyers and they are immediately thrown away, or as it is known in other words: vertically filed in the garbage can.

Talking about efficiency – several marketing companies studied the efficiency of circling flyers in male boxes and they found that per 1000 flyers you get 100 phone calls, which crate 10 business meetings, which end with 1 closed deal. If the deal is for 1000$ then its OK, but most of the deals which are following Flyers are for 100$. 1000 flyers cost the distributor 350$ manufacturing and distributing. The conclusion is obvious: it doesn’t pay.

Let me advise you where, when and how to make Flyers efficient:

Distribute your Flyers enveloped. People respect envelopes. In the collective memory: envelopes contain serious content. They wouldn’t be thrown away near by the mail box. People will take them home and open them there. The minute the Flier reached home –  it is a whole different story. It will be read and since then it got much more chances to be attended and even kept.

Flyers with changing data are winners. When a person is addressed by his name on a Flier   – there is almost no chance that he’ll throw it away just like this. Changing data makes Flyers more relevant and actual. It adds a dimension of power, of convincing force, to this piece of paper called Flyer. In most cases the personally addressed person will pick up the phone and ask what its all about.

Hand your Flyers over personally. There are several ways to do it wisely:

A. Pile them on your store counter by the cashier and while people are waiting to their turn – they’ll take a look at them and probably will add one of them to their shopping bag.

B. If you are running a restaurant –  add one of your Flyers to the bill. It can be done wherever a bill is handed personally to customers.

C. When your cashier is packing goods for byers – instruct her to add a Flier into the package.

D. Pizza delivery boys always come with an extra Flier. Your plumber wouldn’t leave your premises without leaving his Flier behind.

When the Flier gets its attention – then revealed its advantages. On a shiny, colored, pleasant to be touched sheet of paper , you can print a lot of information. If you add to the wordings some decorations, images, pictures, illustrations, funny drawings and so on, you have a very attracting tool of advertising. We know that well designed Flyers are kept for good in an easy to be reached spot at home or office. Flyers of “Take a way” food are very popular, Flyers of emergency aid like plumbers, electricians, locksmith and such are very needed. 

You can compare Flyers to Business Cards or Business Magnets. It is an advertising and promoting tool too. The magnets assure that the information on it is there to stay, stuck to a “catching the eye” surface. Yet the big advantage of Flyers is their measures. Much more room for information.

Now that we know that Flyers are here to stay, let’s learn some basics about the product itself and how to design it.

Flyers are printed on chrome 160 gr paper. Yet one can ask for any other kind of paper.

The most popular sizes are A4 – 22 X 28 cm or A5 – 21 X 15 cm. One can order any other sizes.

It can be printed on single side or double.

It can be a single flat sheet or folded into two pages.

 The real challenge is how to design the graphics and make the Folder attractive and appealing.

It begins with the color of the background. The first impact of the Folder is its background color. Physicians, healers, social workers, tend to choose soft colors.

Clowns, DJs, wedding organizers, tend to choose young and happy colors.

Lawyers, accountants, brokers, coachers, tend to choose off-white, beige, soft-gray colors.

Business people, salesmen, tend to choose sky blue as if “the sky is the limit”…..and so on.

On the background comes the information “what’s the Flyer wants to say”. It can be verbal or graphic art or the combinations of them. Let’s begin with illustrations, images, pictures and such. First of all – “Logo”, that’s essential. Then comes a landscape photo in case of tourism Flyer, or a drooling image of the food you’ll send home from your fast food kiosk or restaurant. Plumbers and other disastrous repair men use funny illustrations in order not to intimidate their customers……………and so on.


With using the right background colors, “Logo” and images, you don’t have to overload the Flyerwith unnecessary wordings. Just add the various ways of contacting you and your Flyer is done.  

Address experts who know how to design efficient Flyers and enjoy their advantages of advertising and promoting your business.

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