Flyer Printing Tips and Advice

Ungira Pandit asked:

In which business do you pay less for getting more? If you think about it, there aren’t many deals you can get offering that. Flyer printing is an affordable mode of advertising that costs less for printing more flyers. It is easy to get your message across to the public using flyer printing and gives you and your business the exposure it needs. It is important to plan out and design a flyer carefully so that people will read it and will make an impact on your business. The idea is to make a flyer to increase your sales, make people want to visit your store or try out your product.

The first thing you must decide when flyer printing is the theme of the flyer and the headline. The headline depends on up to 80% of the success rate of your flyer. Carefully chosen words related to your business should be used to appeal to consumers. You should be able to read the headline from a distance so that any passer by doesn’t have to stop to comprehend the message of your flyer. You can experiment with different layouts to see which flyer will be the most attractive to your target audience. To figure that out, you need to find out who you want to get the message across to. If middle aged or older people are your target audience you would think about using fewer colours with sober designs and fonts. If children and teenagers are your target audience then lots of colours, exciting fonts and designs should be incorporated into your flyer. Provide reasons and create a desire for them to buy your product or service within your flyer.

In order to reel in someone reading your flyer it is necessary to include selective offers, discounts and other incentives to create an advantage over your competitors. The images you also choose should be coordinating with the idea of your flyer and business. The words and imagery should not be conflicting but blend in together to enhance the theme or idea of the flyer. One large picture bringing out the theme of the flyer is better than many small images. However, if you need to put a couple of images in your flyer, make sure they are of the same relative size and grouped together. There should be equal white space as there is filled space to create a balanced flyer for printing. White space draws your eye to the information. If there is a lack of white space it is like trying to focus on a sea of words which becomes confusing to understand your flyer. Bullets, blocks and borders should be adapted into your flyer to create an orderly identifiable design.

It is essential to calculate how much revenue has increased with the flyer distribution. In order to determine the effects of your flyer printing, a unique phone number for enquiry should be listed on the flyer so you can gage the response from the number of calls made. Even if you provide an exclusive coupon on each flyer, the number of people who come to your store with that coupon can be counted to see how many people were impacted by your flyer. Flyer printing is easy and economical for any business looking to make an impact on the public with their product or service. Do the research on flyer printing and create a flyer with the perfect message you want to give consumers.

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