Your Quick and Easy Checklist for Printing Flyers

Kaye Z. Marks asked:

Mundane a task as printing flyers may be, it should still be made with a focus that all other printed promotions must have. You must take care and analyze your custom flyers before mass producing them so that you can avoid any mistakes in its printing.

That is why it is important to have your own standard quality checklist for printing flyers. For your information, below are a few common items that your flyer checklist should have to maintain its quality.

• Content Check – The first thing that you need to check is your content for your color flyer. Does it have all the information necessary to promote your campaign? Did you print the pertinent contact numbers and addresses so that people know who to contact or where to go to if they are interested in what the flyer has to offer? Does your supporting images relate to your text content well? Just try to check if your content is as complete and focused s possible so that you can print the most effective flyers as possible.

• Spelling and Grammar Check – Also, do not forget to check your flyer’s spelling and grammar. Many people are turned off when they read a flyer with obvious mistakes in its composition. People might make fun of your flyers, and much worse they might even loose respect for it and totally ignore its message. So check your spelling and grammar thoroughly before printing flyers. It is best to have another person besides the author to do this, so that the proofreading can be as clean and unbiased as possible.

• Font Check – Next, you should also check the font style of your flyer. Make sure that the fonts are as clear and easily understood as possible. This is crucial since it is important for a flyer to tell its message as easily and as quickly as it possibly can. People’s attention span for flyers can be really quick so a good font would be the key to catching a person’s initial interest. You can check your font by simply letting some of your friends and family read samples of your flyers. If little junior can read it as well as grandpa, then you have a winning font that you can use.

• Image Check – Also, never ever forget to check your image resolution. Your image must be as clear and crisp as it can possibly can. This is important because a flyer image is typically where a flyers emotional value or promotional impact lies. So always try to check if you are using high-resolution images for your flyer. This should assure you that you images would not be distorted or become pixilated as you print flyers.

• Paper Check – Lastly, the flyer paper stock must also be checked. Are you going to use your run of the mill letter sized paper? Will you use colored paper for better effect or will it be best to use just simple white to save on money? Can you invest in glossy flyers for greater impact? Alternatively, would it be best to use thicker more durable paper to have your flyers last longer? Try to check your flyer printing company of the options for paper stocks for flyer printing. Depending on your goals, one or another paper stock option may be the most apt.

Great! These checklist items should be very useful when checking the quality of your flyers. If you always judge your flyer by these criteria, then you should be able to produce decent and very effective custom flyers.

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