Reducing marketing costs during a recession…

Danny Molt asked:

It is obvious that companies all over the world are having to reduce costs and still strive to increase sales.

This is why online printers have seen a huge growth over the last couple of years. Gone are the days where designers and marketing agencies just automatically give their print work to their local printer, just because it’s convenient. By spreading their wings a little and using the power of the Internet to outsource their Leaflet Printing can reap huge benefits and cost savings.

Most online printers don’t need the personal contact, just upload or email a print ready PDF. This is a huge time saving from not physically having to visit the factory, not only for the customer but also for the printers themselves. All of which reduces the cost.

Customers are having their print-work delivered direct to their own customers, so again more time saved by not having to either re-send it via another courier or even worse hand delivering it themselves.

This would seem unheard of a few years ago. Asking ‘your print supplier’ to deliver direct to ‘your customer’, the thought of your customer knowing who your supplier was, and therefore the fear of being cut out of the supply chain loop would certainly been enough for you to go collect and deliver in person.

This is not the case now, as most online print suppliers are the other side of the country to you, so they have to use a national courier. This along with very discreet packaging labels not displaying the supplier details makes it look even more like YOU printed it yourself.

Some online printers use a technique called ‘Batch Printing’ this on one hand can reduce print cost enormously. Imagine asking a printer to run four A5 Leaflets together, all of which could be printed form one A3 sheet, so one A3 job is printed, then each individual A5 is guillotined to separate them after. This is a huge way of saving money and being. But this is not for everyone, as there is usually a compromise in quality, however slight. If for example one of the four A5 leaflets has a large solid area of a colour such as Orange, this could be a problem as the roller weight and colour density to retain that orange consistency may overrule the other 3 A5 leaflets, which could mean that they would have a increase in orange (yellow and magenta) to compensate for this.

So you many find that some online printers charge a little more for not ‘Batch printing’ and therefore running a print job on an individual basis where they would print four of the same A5 job on the same A3 sheet.

The technology has played an large part in allowing printing to be produced not only the other part of the country but event the world. With the advent of PDF technology, files created in full colour PDF format are standardized for printing presses, so this reduces the need for another potentially expensive aspect – proofing. ‘Hard-Copy’ or ‘physical’ proofs are only really required when a bespoke job requires them. When a job really does need to be seen in its physical form by the client. Once again, even if proofs are required then by using a printer the other side of the country rules out collecting them, so posting over night saves times and money again.

The online printing industry is set to grow dramatically over the next few years, when traditional printers decide to spread their net even wider to catch new customers, so the internet will provide more choice to the cost saving print buyer.

You are no longer limited to the local printers in your town or city, so go on, search for an online printer today and you too could be saving money very quickly.

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