Every Letterbox Is A Goal With Leaflet Distribution

Dominic Donaldson asked:

Direct marketing is a massive industry in the UK with direct mail services reporting in the last quarter of 2007 that a total of 1147 million items of direct mail were delivered to businesses and consumers which is a whole lot of trees. The statistics show that one of the most popular forms of direct marketing is leaflet distribution and that a consumer is 10% more likely to take action on a leaflet dropped through the door than direct mail.

To maximise the impact that any direct marketing campaign has research is an essential part of the process. There are various different repositories for direct marketing research such as the Direct Marketing Association and the European and World Direct Marketing Associations however you have to be a member in order to access their research. This research is also not always particularly practical for leaflet distribution.

It is true that every letterbox is a goal in leaflet distribution however it is also true that any leaflet distribution company works on a basis of converting drops into enquiries and sales for a client. A client might rethink their next direct marketing initiative if there is no sales increase or an accountable boost in enquiries. There are two major considerations when you are taking on any leaflet distribution contract, which are the client and the demographic.

Leaflet distribution is especially effective for local companies who cannot accommodate the high costs of radio or print media advertising. This must be taken into consideration when negotiating with a client as a large corporation might be looking for tangible results that you cannot deliver on when accounting for the amount of leaflets delivered and responses to this.

There is not a massive research resource when dealing with demographics of the local populace so when discussing this with your client it is important to show an extensive knowledge of the local area working mainly from a basis of location and affluence. This can be paired with the service the client is promoting and then mutually agreeable target locations can be identified.

A good way of doing this is to look at property prices in the local area and draw up a map that you can annotate with various areas. Use previous clients successes to identify where the hot spots are for various services and products. This can not only be used for good results but also as a good selling tool to prospective clients.

Monitor your own progress in this area by working with clients to suggest techniques such as special offers exclusively with the leaflet that has been dropped. This can be set against revenue and testimonials from satisfied clients can be gained through this process. Indiscriminate blanketing of letter boxes through leaflet distribution can be effective however resources can be saved and higher rates charged for a more specialist service.

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