Design Is Key In Leaflet Printing

Andrew Redfern asked:

Many companies when looking for ways to advertise their company, especially when it’s for a public event, choose to hand out leaflets. Leaflets are convenient because they can be handed out to a large number of people quickly, efficiently, and for a fraction of the cost of direct mail or other forms of printing for advertising purposes. But because so many companies are using this inexpensive form or printing, consumers are being left with many leaflets to sort through. The chances are they won’t and many leaflets will end up in the trash. You certainly do not want this to happen when you have spent time leaflet printing and so, it’s important to know a few things before printing out the final leaflets!

Design is essential when leaflet printing. Without a good design, the entire purpose of the leaflet is lost because consumers will not look at it. The design should be unique, stand out, and be very appealing to its target audience. The first thing to keep in mind when designing your leaflet for printing is who you are advertising to. If it’s for a younger population, you will want to choose trendier patterns and colors whereas if it’s a mature population, you may want simple lines and solid colors. The consumer decides instantly upon looking at a leaflet whether it’s appropriate for them or not and so, you need to set the tone with everything from colors to fonts.

Pictures can greatly help set the tone when leaflet printing. Many companies make the mistake of simply printing their leaflet with a generic picture taken from a software program. Although the image may keep in tone with the rest of the leaflet, it’s still not going to grab anyone’s attention. Pictures that have the most impact are those that are real photographs. Choose pictures that have something to do with the product or event being advertised and make it personal to the company or individual that is doing the advertising. For instance, if a company is printing leaflets to advertise an annual customer appreciation barbecue, a picture of the previous year’s barbecue would be appropriate and would be very interesting to consumers.

Another design element that is important to keep in mind when leaflet printing is the size of the leaflet. Many companies make the mistake of making the leaflet the size of a standard piece of paper and then fold it in thirds. While this does allow for much information to be included in the leaflet, this size is very ineffective. The purpose of a leaflet is easy advertising that can be easily given and easily taken. If the leaflet is too big to place in a pocket, it will get thrown out before being read simply because the consumer does not have time to put your leaflet away to read it later.

Leaflet printing can be a do-it-yourself project or it can be given to printing professionals. Both have pros and cons and the choice will depend on your needs. Professionals can provide a more professional look but they can sometimes be quite pricey. If you choose to do it yourself, you can complete the entire leaflet printing process on your computer. A combination of the two different methods of leaflet printing is to design your own leaflet and then send it to a company online that will have them professionally printed for you.

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