How to “AMAZE” People with Poster Printing

Kaye Z. Marks asked:

When you create a design for poster printing, you always want to amaze people. You want to engage them, and invoke some kind of intense feeling in them as they see your design.

This is because printing posters is not just about displaying information; it is also about making people react. This is something that you really should aim for in your color posters. Therefore, to help get that reaction from people, here are our five tips on how to “AMAZE” people using posters.

• A – Appropriate Concepts – The first thing you need to get that reaction is with the appropriate concept. Each poster has its own major topic or issue that you have to match with a good concept. For most poster designers this is the hardest part of starting a design.

The best way to approach this kind of situation is to look at what others have done in the past, and see how they matched the topic with an appropriate concept. Eventually as you see more examples, you should see a trend growing. Once you see all that has been done on the topic, you should now know what the best ones are and what the bad ones look like.

Simply follow the example of the good ones, but think of an original design that no one has thought of yet. Once you get that unique idea, your poster should be all set to get that unique reaction from people.

• M – Maximize Poster Sizes – Another thing that you should think about is your poster size. As a general rule for posters, the bigger a poster is, the better it is at promoting its content. You will get better reactions and a better impact when you use large poster sizes. Of course, not everyone can afford large poster printing, so you just have to maximize your poster size according to your budget. Print as large as possible to get the biggest possible reaction.

• A – Artful Designs – Also, artistic taste should also come into the picture when it comes to poster printing. You cannot expect people to be amazed by a large poster especially if the design is not really beautiful or artful enough. So always, aim to please with your design by considering the best trends on contemporary poster art today. Ask yourself what people want in a design, and then improve it with your own original interpretation.

• Z – Zero Blank Spaces – Do not forget as well to use every inch of space in your poster. Blank spaces really are an inefficient use of poster area. Most professionals find a way to patch up a blank area and give it texture. Subtle swirls, shadows and gradients give a blank area some content, turning your simple blank background into a more complete and appealing design.

• E – Emphasis on crucial elements – Lastly and most importantly, do not forget to put emphasis on your most crucial poster elements. This can usually be done by adding more lighted colors to that area when compared to the rest. By emphasizing the crucial figure in your poster, you can drive a person’s eye towards that point so that he or she will know what the poster is about and of course how amazing that figure is.

These things will make your audience become amazed with your posters. Follow each item well. Your audience should appreciate your poster message well enough.

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