How to Become a Comic Book Creator?

Many people dream of becoming or creating superheroes and villains seen in comic books or graphic novels. For people with talent, ambition and a passion for the medium, becoming a comic book artist can be a lucrative and rewarding career. If you have artistic talent and enjoy doodling superheroes and villains, a job as a comic book artist may be for you.

The options available to become a comic book creator are varied, and while some art skills will help, they are not always necessary. You can, for example, be a writer who writes a story line for a comic book, then coordinates with a pencil and an inker to create the artwork. If you happen to have all the skills necessary to become a comic book creator, your pursuit may be easier if you are willing to do all the work yourself. Before you begin, however, you may want to consider funding for the project and develop a plot line for the story.

Once you become a comic book creator, you may be responsible for the actual production of the artwork and text, or you may simply be a coordinator between the writer, pencil, inker, and others involved with the process. You should determine your role in the process early on to avoid conflict with others involved in the process and to ensure you do not get bogged down with excess or unnecessary responsibilities. It also helps to determine a budget early on to ensure the entire process can be completed without a funding hitch. Be sure to make clear to others involved in the creation of the comic book how much they will be paid for their services, and pay them on time.
If you want to become a comic book creator simply to see how the process works and if it is something you will enjoy, you can do so at home with little or no real budget. You will have to write the story line and create all the artwork yourself, and you may even be able to do the printing yourself. Most comic book creators will outsource printing, however, and some companies focus exclusively on comic book printing, , thereby ensuring a high-quality finished product that will be impressive and easy to read or otherwise view.

It is certainly possible to become a comic book creator as a career, but the process can be difficult. It helps to build a portfolio by creating comics on your own for several years; once your portfolio is well developed, you can show that portfolio to potential employers and enhance the likelihood that you will be hired. Include only your best work in the portfolio, and be prepared to talk about the creation process as well as the difficulties and successes you encountered over the year. booklet printing

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