Temperature changing anti-fake label printing

Temperature changing anti-fake label printing is the process uses temperature sensitive security inks which can change color in hot to print. Usually it can be subdivided into reversible and irreversible thermochromic anti-fake ink; and the color change temperature is 34-100 degrees Celsius. Hand thermochromatic ink is the thermochromic ink can change color in 34-36 degrees Celsius. The theory of thermochromic is that discolor compounds have physic change or chemical change to bring its own absorption under the heating circumstance.
Temperature change materials: colored becomes colorless is reversible (blue, red, and black), colorless becomes colored reversible (red, green).
Temperature change reversible security inks: (pink, blue, black, orange) Pigmented → colorless → pigmented; (pink, blue, green) colorless → pigmented → colorless.
Thermochromatic: thermochromatic series is that color can change with temperature changes. color change temperature can be made in advance, the variable color combinations can also be made in advance, new products will emerge in endlessly with the imagination.

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