Learn Booklet binding

Bookbinding is gaining popularity among hobbyists as well as self published authors. Due to its simplicity and use several people are starting to make their own books. You may ask, “Can I learn bookbinding?” And I will answer, “Sure you can”.

You just need the correct knowledge and equipment. Then you can create books which resemble those from publishing houses. In this page we will see some simple bookbindings so that you can start right away.

Different ways to bind a booklet

You can bind a book in several ways. People from all over the world have developed some unique forms of binding books. After learning some simple ways to bind a book you can also develop your own way to bind books. And if they are great then people will pay for your work. If you want to publish your own book and unable to convince the publishers then try to bind your own books.

Here is a list of various methods to bind books
•Saddle stitch
•Hardcover Binding
•Perfect binding
•Paperback binding
•Yotsume Toji ( Japanese binding)
•Tape binding
•Sewn binding
•Plastic Comb binding
•Spiral binding

Saddle Stitch Binding

The saddle stitch binding is very popular for binding brochures, pamphlets, small books, notebooks and many other types of books. If you want to do it now then here are the steps.
1.Take some papers and a cover
2.Fold them so that a crease is formed at the center.
3.Take a stapler (long arm usually) and staple through the crease two times.
4.You have a saddle stitch binding ready.

In just four simple steps you can create your own saddle stitched books.

Paperback binding

Paperback binding is another common type of bookbinding. Millions of books are bound in this way every year. Initially it was thought that paperack binding by hand is very difficult and only machines can do it. But now many people are starting to understand that you can create a paperback book at home also.

In this binding several papers are joined together using glue and a thicker paper cover is used for covering it. If you know how to join all the pages together then you can start right now.

I will give you the steps to attach the pages together.
1.Take all the folded papers and arrange them orderly and properly.
2.Using paper clamps hold the spine tightly.
3.Now apply glue on the spine with a brush thoroughly.
4.Let it dry for sometime and again apply the glue.
5.Keep it for drying.
6.Take the cover and apply glue on the spine and attach it to the stacked pages.
7.Your paperback book is ready.

The important thing is to hold the spine properly and tightly. Let the glue dry for some time and paperback book will be ready.
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