What is the future of advertising?

Derived from the change in demand for advertising magazine printing business trends
In the 2011 the theme of “What is the future of advertising? Track intruders, “the forum, Media V, CEO Mr. Yang Jiongwei about, and now the advertising has not the same as before, the original ads may think, what I want to put the media, but now needs more ads consideration, see who I want to give, how to find a specific person? This is not the original ad people are so good at things.
If the printed, What is the relationship, may be my first thought magazine an advertisement bearing material. Even if the network and e-reader and then developed, magazines will have its strong survive. The future of magazine advertising will be more attention to the orientation of the target.
In fact, not a bad thing running targeted ads, for advertisers, ad spending and can save the most effective advertising results; in terms of the magazine, a layout according to different clients running different ads, the equivalent version of multi-use, and increase advertising revenue.
On the other hand, directed the distribution database will severely test the printing company’s customer service capabilities. The world’s largest printing giant RR Donnelley has its own dedicated data processing company, when the future of targeted advertising by becoming a mainstream requirement for printing companies, who can provide the most comprehensive for the magazine, the most for the line orientation distribution database, who may in the future of this caused by the advertising battle in the upper hand in the printing business.
This projection, in the near future, the magazine printing companies will face because of targeted advertising to bring variable data printing and Book Binding and distribution issues, the future of the print magazine may be the introduction of digital printing and more intelligent digital workflow.

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