CTP ,the green printing and digital printing is popular in China

If we say 1995, because DRUPA printing exhibition, 23 companies exhibited 43 kinds of CTP devices, known as “the world CTP first year,” that in the past 2010 years, the rapid development of China into the CTP track “outbreak years. ” In 2010, his writings from the media industry, to manufacturers printed verbal, “CTP” swept across China printed word can be described. Since 1996, China introduced the first CTP device, the end of 2009, the Chinese mainland CTP installed capacity is just about only 2,200. However, this impasse, in 2010, was a strong break!
“2010 can be said that China CTP outbreak of the year, preliminary estimates CTP mainland over the past year or so in increments of 1000, total reserves increased to 3450 ~ 3600 units.” April 8, 2011, China’s leading CTP equipment Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. Hangzhou kore company chairman Mr. Long term health, carried out on the eve of the show in PrintChina2011 the “Second International Printing Technology Development Forum”, made the comments.
As the focus of a new printing industry, the domestic printing one of the CTP is not strange, but why in 2010 the sale of CTP with the scene so hot? I believe that, because the CTP equipment to meet the current printing industry, two major themes: green printing and digital printing will help promote China book printing to digital printing to upgrade environmental protection.
Prepress digital low labor efficiency
2011 release of the Chinese printing industry, “second Five Year Plan”, the digital printing and digital printing are classified as national “five” key construction projects, including, “CTP plate key technology research and development industry” is out for the development of digital printing, one of the key.
Traditional plate making, exposure, washout, drying version of post-treatment process, from graphics to complete the plate, not only in the process is complex, labor demand, but more detailed plate Professional, skilled care.
As the printing industry spread the word, “less a process, a layer of less distortion”, the digital technology of CTP plate, from computer graphics to the CTP plate, the final completion of the printing plate, one less than the traditional plate link. This means that higher plate efficiency, smaller error probability.
Since 2010, the national labor shortage, the printing industry is operating more personal “and not demand.” Rising labor costs coupled with rising prices of raw materials,book printing companies come up with any recipe. CTP plate system, operation of the digital workflow, reducing the production of artificial demand. High automation, high efficiency, low loss of CTP, natural rush to Indian enterprises.
CTP Green clever distance the wind
Green printing the importance of the media in the past two years, has been sung countless times, low supplies, low pollution, low-emission-free optical processing plate CTP imaging technology in the process of development can not use drugs Rehe , gum and fountain solution. Wash the plate to save a link not only reduce costs, improve efficiency, more conservation of water resources, raw materials, reducing chemical pollution of the secondary.
CTP technology, all the major printing equipment, materials suppliers to see a huge opportunity. Currently, the domestic market, CTP plate, not only such as Kodak, Fuji film, Agfa and other international brands of plate products to companies such as Lucky Huaguang CTP plate on behalf of the domestic product and gradually occupy the market.
Development of environmentally friendly CTP plate, the national “five” plan, the printing system of environmental standards and green building projects in the new book printing technology development a major focus.
Transformation of traditional printing green printing, is a great opportunity for the development of CTP, CTP is the key to sustainable development. How to retain green benefits, and further narrow the gap with international brands, to expand environmental advantages, is the CTP equipment and material suppliers continue to work together. booklet printing

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