Response to rising wages printing profitable way to make printing

Inflation and wage inflation, already at a small profit on the printing plant is undoubtedly worse, a lot of printing to the wages of ordinary workers rose to 100 per day, or they wanted workers, printing in inflation and rising wages in the face a new round challenges.

With the continuous decline in paper media, the traditional printing industry more difficult to survive. Printing began to explore some of the scale along the value chain transfer or packaging printing. Upward shift along the value chain, for many successful manufacturing companies in other industries, of course not a new experience, but for the Chinese printing enterprises may be fantasy, a lot of printing companies for over a decade trying to become an international raw printers ( OEM, OEM) are not implemented, let alone establish their own brands to develop upstream.

Instead, more like packed home printing bosses so easy to imagine, whether traditional printing or packaging printed books, China’s printing industry in the whole industry chain is the primary location, printers do not have pricing power, this inflation and wage increases in the cost of printing can not pass out. Profit margins being squeezed due to printing, in the end of the year is likely to print even more disappointing to hear some news.

The face of difficulties, more and more international companies or high-speed fully automated with a robot device to replace the labor deal with inflation and wage increases, it has become a way of corporate profits. Alternative human machine is a trend, because the machine is expected to replace the next few years enterprise human capital will be incurred increased substantially. China is now fully automated equipment, robotics or high-speed low utilization rate, and the Chinese printing industry high-speed fully automated equipment utilization lower. Using fully automated equipment or high-speed robot hand can be offset by pressure on commodity prices and wage inflation to enable enterprises to increase profitability, it also helps enterprises to export markets for higher value-added products to compete. Today, economies of scale in the printing industry, energy efficiency, high speed and automation have become more important.

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