Printing knowledge

1. printing which is divided into several categories: offset, flexo, screen printing, gravure printing.

2. how many lines does offset use: generally 175 line. Also as low as 150 lines or up to 200 lines.

3. The printing resolution: generally 300DPI. Of course, the higher the more clear.

4. What is the spot color, what is the four-color: spot color refers to a specific color, spot color in the printing, not through the print C, M, Y, K four-color composite of this color, but with a special ink to print color. Spot color ink is pre-mixed by printing factory or ink factory.

5. What is the bleeding: this is actually very simple, but there are still many people do not know what that means, the purpose of bleeding is to ensure accurate cutting, normal paper is generally 3mm, corrugated paper is 5-7mm.

6. The overview of paper. Paper usually has white paper, white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, oil paper, woodfree paper, writing paper, newspapers and printing paper, corrugated paper, etc.

7. What is the film? Here takes the black & white film for example. It is just like the film we take pictures. It is an important medium for recorded images, we will make a good graphic separation, then it will transmit the color to a picture of film one by one, every color is a film on a single, For example there are three color CMY color film requires three pieces.

Another point to note is that: when you convert RGB mode to CMYK mode , you have to pay attention to whethe the color pattern is correct. For example: RGB black, R = 0, G = 0, B = 0; to four-color, it may become C = 90, M = 88, Y = 87, K = 79. Here, if there are no special requirements will be changed to 100 K, the other is to 0.

8. Foil-stamping Minimum size: generally ensure 0.3mm, the nice technology can be to between 0.1 to 0.2.

9. What is trapping: that is to do the overlay edge compensation, offset press is generally 0.04-0.07mm, and flexo machines see, usually relatively large, 0.4mm-1mm.

10.Does Black imprint other colors: not necessarily, it is usually decided by the black area, usually the text is directly overlayed,it is trapped just encountered on the large area.

11.How to do if encountering a large area of ​​black:It will be better to print a 30-40 blue color under a large black color, or similar to 30-40 dark color, because the black color is equal to any pressure black in theory . It can make the printed carton real black and prevent white dots appearing.
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