5 step for Catalog printing

As we know from catalog printing and booklet printing, the cover is one of the most important elements that draw readers in. However, that job of drawing people in must be done in 5 step lest the reader get bored and read something else. That is why in this article, I will teach you how to maximize the crucial first five seconds of a color catalog. By doing these steps, you should be able to surpass that important barrier for your color booklets and catalogs.

1. Set the mood right with the colors – You should also set the mood right with the right colors if you want your booklets and catalogs to maximize the first five seconds of exposure to the audience. Colors of course can change and establish the mood of a printed material fairly quickly.

For example, a yellow, orange or red color scheme will typically contribute the mood of energy, warmth, hotness and even “sunshine dynamism”. The opposite is true of course with cooler colors but the effect is the same. This allows you to get people into the right state of mind quickly without really reading anything.

2. Have a very concise, short and detailed title – To maximize the impact of those five seconds, you should always have a very concise, short and detailed title or headline at the cover of your catalogs. Typically, people do not have the patience to read long titles and headlines in the catalog. In fact, anything beyond two lines in your booklet and catalog covers should actually be ignored by people since for most it is too daunting to read.

However, if you can be very concise, short and detailed title or headline, you can immediately engage those readers as they quickly read what you have to say. In those five seconds while reading your headlines quickly, people should be able to know if they really are interested in your color catalogs or not.

3. Get cover materials that are impressive – Of course, in those first five seconds, people will always be judgmental about your color catalogs. That is why it is very important for you to remember using cover materials that make your color catalogs and booklets more impressive. Even for just the cover, you should invest in thicker paper materials and of course glossy coatings to make the cover shine and gleam. Believe me, with those kinds of covers in your booklets and catalogs, people will decide to at least keep them a lot longer just because it looks like it was made of high quality and expensive materials.

4. Insert the best highly expressive image that explains your message in detail – Maximizing those five seconds also involves using the best high quality impressive images with the right composition that communicates your marketing message. An image can communicate mood, feelings and thoughts faster than when people read through text. So it is actually better to use more images in your catalog cover as these should explain everything below five seconds quickly and comfortably.

5. Invite readers in – Finally, to really maximize those crucial five seconds of your catalog’s audience exposure, you should always have elements that invite readers into reading your whole booklet and catalogs. By adding teasers of the content all around the cover, you can easily hook readers into keeping and reading your booklets all the more. So do not forget all those small invitations to get readers to actually go through each of those pages.

Great! Now you know all the things that you need to do to maximize those initial five step of your catalog’s marketing life. Make sure you do all these to get the best results and maximize those first five step.
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