Grey board conversion of weight and thickness list

Weight/gsm Thickness/mm
300 0.45
400 0.6
467 0.7
533 0.8
600 0.9
645 1
714 1.1
779 1.2
844 1.3
909 1.4
974 1.5
1039 1.6
1104 1.7
1169 1.8
1234 1.9
1299 2
1364 2.1
1429 2.2
1494 2.3
1558 2.4
1623 2.5
1688 2.6
1753 2.7
1818 2.8
1883 2.9
1948 3
2013 3.1
2273 3..5
2597 4
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