The electronic publishing based on the internet will be further developed in China

The development of the printing industry in China was in a form of leaping forward in the past, and it will take the same manner in the future. In China, those geographical areas where television broadcast is unavailable can even access the internet. Because of the unbalanced economic development, there is still a larger space for the development of China Printing and publishing industry. According to the statistics, the annual presswork consumption per person in China is only 10 dollars. which is only around 1/25 of the one in development countries. Under this market background, the co-promotion, co-flourish and co-development of the press publishing and web publishing is predictable.

Facing the opportunities and challenges created by the internet, China printing and publishing industry has shown a strong enthusiasm. They timely adjusted their strategy, and repositioned themselves in the new environment. The newspaper and book publishing circles has choose the cross-media publishing as their new development direction; the graphic art circle has expanded their business into web-page designing and cross-media data composition; printing circle are expanding their variety of pressworks and ways of services. These adjustments have added new content and concept to the electronic publishing, and make the industry more vigorous. The evolvement of human civilization is endless, and the printing and publishing. as a result of the human civilization evolvement, will surely be evolving along with the human civilization evolvement.booklet printing

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