Tell you some specific duties involved in printing production management

Printing is a manufacturing industry and,as such, has the same inherent problems as other industries operating to produce a product. An integral position in the managerial organization of a firm producing a product or products is that of production manager. The duties involved in production management are quite varied and include the responsibility for the efficient operations of the production facilities of the firm. In every print shop, someone must have responsibility for the machines and operative personnel.

Some specific duties include making sure deadlines are met, quality is maintained, workmen and machines are working, maintenance and repairs are made. In a small shop, these functions will probably fall on the owner or manager. As plants become larger, the duties become great enough that the job becomes the sole responsibility of one individual, or is apportioned to a number of individuals. The importance of the job of production management and the person entrusted with is cannot be overstressed. The production manager is possibly the most significant person in the organization involving its ability to achieve manufacturing and service objectives. The inherent duties of the job of production manager are primarily managerial in nature. The production manager should be managerially inclined yet linked closely to factory techniques and operations. The production manager is the key link between upper management and factory workers. His duties include close liaison with technical men and women of the plant, coordination with management, and the implementation of policy. The position is a critical one. depending on the quality of work done by the production manager, he can literally make or break a firm. A good one is a tremendous asset and should be rewarded. A poor or mediocre one must be trained and corrected, or replaced if the firm is to have any hopes of operating efficiently and competitively. Selection of the proper man to be placed in the production manager’s position requires careful scrutiny. The first step is to establish job specifications according to the work to be done. These include many managerial and office duties, such as the need to communicate with customers as well as plant workers; the need to organize and be organized oneself; and the need to have technical skills. Following is a list of preferred qualities in a production manager.

a, Must be technically proficient enough to train, assist, and gain the respect of fellow workmen.

b.Must be an organized person, able and willing to plan and routinize operations and procedures.

c.Must be able to lead and motivate workers.

d.Must work well with others. this includes both subordinates and superiors. Some workers communicate well with subordinates and peers but become defensive, or for some other reason do not communicate well with their superiors. Others might be just the opposite, fitting in well with their boss but lacking the ability to fit well with their subordinates.The production manager is a link between the two, a communication problem either above or below will likely resule in difficulties.

e.Must be able to talk and write clearly and understandably to workmen, management, suppliers, and customers.

f. Neatness is very important.A supervisor who is unorganized in work habits affects the way the workmen perform and organize themselves.

g.Must have the ability and nature to keep things moving.

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