How to Save Money in Booklet Printing

Not everyone has a big budget for booklet printing. Printing prices may vary at times depending on the booklet printer. Aslo, cheap booklet printing doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing quality. There are several simple ways to save on booklet orders that don’t involve settling for less. Review these design and ordering tips to ensure cheap booklet printing and a great final product.

Larger sized booklets are more expensive, so think carefully about what size you need. You may be able to present the information just as well in a smaller size. But, if you have a lot of images or graphs, or if the overall layout of the information that you want to convey just doesn’t work well in a small page size, then larger booklets should be a priority. Just be aware that it will cost you extra in cheap booklet printing.

The most popular sizes are A4, A5, and 5.5″ by 8.5″. If you need a custom size cheap booklet printing, then it will most likely cost you extra.

For most types of booklets, you will want the nicest paper and appearance for your cover. Generally, you will want cardstock, such a 250gsm art or matt paper. then you can choose to add options such as UV, matt or gloss lamination for cover. This is the cover, and it is the first thing that people will notice about the booklet. It may also be their first impression of you, your business, your product, or your event.

Inside Pages
Depending on what you are looking to print, and how many pages your booklet will be, you may want higher or lower quality pages between the covers. For a short, promotional booklet, it may be best to go with a glossy and sturdy cardstock for all of the pages. This will give a very professional feel to the booklet, but will cost you a lot more in cheap booklet printing.

Many people opt to go with standard white paper. This comes in a variety of different “weights,” or thicknesses. You may save money going with the thinnest option, but be careful-very thin paper not only will make your booklets tear easily, it can give them a less than professional feel. On the other hand, if you are printing a booklet with a few hundred pages, choosing too paper that is too thick can make the book very heavy and unwieldy, use 80gsm is suit this booklet.

For smaller booklets, the best option is usually staple binding. It will hold up through most usual wear and tear, and looks professional for booklets with fewer pages. If you want to save money on cheap booklet printing, then going with a cheaper binding like staples, is a good way to cut costs. Saddle stitching is another option that you have.

Colored printing ink tends to cost more than simple black ink. As such, it may be a good idea to use color ink sparingly. Of course, colors help draw a customer’s eye to your booklet, so it is important to weigh the disadvantages of black and white against the final cost.

Buy Booklets in Bulk
In general, the per-unit cost of booklets drops as the order volume increases. For this reason, you might consider ordering a large volume of booklets if you anticipate the need for additional units in the future.

Finding cheap booklet printing isn’t too difficult. There are a number of stores offering discount booklet printing online. To find the best deal for you, think about and decide which options above are most important to you, and then find the cheap booklet printing that offers the best prices for those options.

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