how to create your Printing planning process

Printing Planning is a process,it is an integral part of graphic communications. Printing Planning begins with acquiring data about the job to be done. It results in a series of decisions relating to the printed product.
In order to plan effectively, accurate information is needed. One way to obtain this information is to asd questions of yourself and other involved in producting the printed product. some information-gathering questions that should be asked are:

 What message is being transmitted?
 Why is it being transmitted?
 Does the type of message require a particular kind of treatment? For example, Must it be dignified or can it be humorous?
 How will the finished product be used?
 What audience do you wish to reach?
Information gathered in this way will help you decide important questions relating to format, style, size, method, number, schedule, and cost:
What form will the product take?  will it be a single sheet, a booklet, an entire book?
Are illustrations to be used? Will they be line drawings, photographs, or a combination of both?
What size will the finished product be?
Will the sheets be trimmed, folded, perforated?
By what method will the product be printed?
What type of paper will be used? What color paper?
Will colored inks be used? if so, what colors?
How many copies will be printed? will reprints be needed?
How long will it take to complete the job?
How much will ti cost?
After these decisions have been made, the nest step is to develop a graphic plan for the printed product. this printing plan is called a layout.

Go on! start your booklet printing,catalog printing and brochure printing

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