4 Color Printing: the Practical Choice Versus Other Color Printing

Carla San Gaspar asked:

When you get right down to it, 4 color printing is the most popularly and most widely used color printing process used by commercial printers whether online or not. But its popularity, you might say, is not sufficient whether or not its quality is truly of a high standard.

Well, there must be something that rings true with the statistics. 4 Color Printing is an undeniable force that is driving printing companies and your own printing needs as well, be it simple business cards, postcards or catalogs.

Defining the Job of 4 Color Printing

4 Color printing or four-color process printing is a process involving four inks, namely cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These four inks which are semi-transparent are layered on top on another in varying intensities so create the colors you need.

By layering these inks, it creates a combination and range of colors. Thus, it creates the necessary hues of red, blue and green among so many others that occupies within the range of CMYK.

What Makes it a Practical Choice

Four-color printing is the printing process of choice because the CMYK occupies a broad range of colors. It also gives you high-definition print jobs. This means that colors are sharp and crisp, along with the details of your design.

You can usually find four-color printing integrated with offset printing. Digital printing too involves CMYK so all your files must be in this color format. Nevertheless, here are more reasons to dig your hands into four color printing than color printing options.

1. 4 color printing is supported by other design software or programs. In this manner, you can easily design your business cards or catalogs using Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and the like.

2. This also means that most printing companies support the file types which you saved your designs into. Printing companies recognize plenty of file types to process your prints, again, as long as they are in CMYK.

You can send out your print projects saved in tiff, psd, jpeg, gif, png, and pdf among so many others. There are even printing companies who would gladly process prints saved in a word document without any fees.

3. Other color printing options would require you to buy a plug in worth at least a $1000 dollars so you can design your prints according to its necessary requirements.

4. 4 color printing is one of the cheapest means you can print your files. The offset-4 color printing process gives you luxurious colors and real quality for your print jobs. And while digital printing may be more expensive, the quality of colors you get is still undeniable for the price you pay.

5. With 4 color printing, you need not worry about bulk printing. You can print as many volumes of prints you want and still retain consistency and accuracy you desire in your print jobs. Short run orders may range from 250 for offset and bulk printing jobs go as high as 100,000 prints.

Other than this, the price doesn’t hike up really steep when it comes to offset-4 color printing process. As a matter of fact, each unit cost of your print job even diminishes as your print order goes higher.

This means you don’t have to pay twice as much to get twice the amount of your print jobs. You only add a fraction of the original cost to obtain such number of prints.

These are but some of the advantages of 4 color printing and some of the advantages you should consider when you undergo a print project. Know these pieces of information well and know just what you deserve for your prints.

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