Printing Estimates and Getting Prints for What it is Really Worth

Printing estimates can be very confusing. There are also plenty of myths and confusion that surrounds them. So, how do you exactly print in the right amount for all and everything its worth?

Printing and Printing Estimates

There are some clients who believe that:

1. The cost of materials is not always directly proportional to price.

2. Sometimes, getting more printed is cheaper than having less printed.

3. Apparently, it is cheaper to just throw away extra pieces you don’t need than never having them printed at all.

Try the price calculators of some online printing companies and you will find a lot of examples. In digital printing, you can get a 16-piece movie poster at a significantly cheaper price than printing 15 pieces. This is quite unremarkable for digital prints should go higher as more prints are produced.

And then there are prints which can be produced five times as much just by paying an additional $10. Yes, from 100 prints, you can have as much as 500 prints.

Printing Companies, Printing Estimates and You

Printing companies don’t think or behave like manufacturing companies. Rather, they are primarily a service industry. These companies don’t just sell printed materials, they give you printing solutions. It may seem like you are paying for ink and paper, but the truth is, what you are paying for is the capability to use this ink and paper to transform your ideas to reality.

• Achieving satisfaction for your print projects is not easy. It depends largely on understanding your goals and needs.

• Standard orders must be met with consistent high quality prints, and reliable service from quotation to delivery.

• But not all of our needs are the same. Added to this, almost any company can produce standard prints, but only an insightful company makes professional prints a standard.

• Customization allows you to find new ways to make your print job uniquely your own. You can choose the shape of your stickers, the size of your posters, or find new ways to fold your brochure. It also involves customization.

• They can also get involved in making sure your prints get to where they need to be hassle free. They offer mailing services, deliveries, and installations.

But what does all this have to do with price estimates? You as a customer get to reap all the benefits. You should also stand to gain all the convenience and quality as far as your money and printing estimates goes.

• The price of customer satisfaction is high. It requires companies need to constantly update their technology to upgrade their service.

• It requires informing you about how to use these technological advancements to respond to your printing goals.

• It requires highly trained technical personnel to work with your prints and customer service representatives who walk you through the process.

• The higher the volume of the print, the less expensive it becomes per unit, because the fixed cost is distributed over more pieces. Since it is cheaper to print en masse, printing companies place price breaks to encourage the customers to print more. (Customers enjoy a wholesale printing “discount”.)

In order to get the most value for your money, take advantage of good customer service among the professional standards and print quality you should find. Get your printing estimates know just what you and your printing projects are truly worth with the right printing company.

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