Commercial Printing: 10 Printing Solutions for your Business

As a whole, all printing companies that provide their service for a profit is called a commercial printing company. There are different kinds of printing companies you can go to for your printing needs. Each company has its own specialization that allows you to choose your printing specification.

Some printing companies even extend their services beyond printing to provide related services. There are other companies that only print on large format. There are those who offer a variety of print with the convenience of online ordering. There are others still who require a more personal attention to the details of the job.

It is important to know which printing company to approach for your different printing needs.

1. Offset Printing Companies

• You will profit well from finding a good offset printing company for your advertisements. Offset printing is a broad term to describe printing companies. Although the printing process includes other printing companies, it often refers to bulk yet affordable printing.

• It will give you the best value for your money providing the lowest cost per unit for your advertisements. All the better, you can afford to get twice as much prints without even paying for double the price.

2. Digital Printing Companies

• In digital printing the computer transmits data electronically to the printer eliminating the tedious process of plating and setup. This is today’s technology that allows individual pieces to be printed with the same photographic quality of offset printing.

• Large Format Printing

This allows you to specify the specific size to the last half-inch with no additional charges. They specialize in extra large prints going as big as 61×100 inches. You can have your prints done in different materials other than paper like vinyl and canvas – all of which are perfect as banners for your outdoor advertising.

• Short Run Printing or Print on Demand

This is used for publishing books in small quantities and shorter time. Because the machine can readily prints in varying quantities, you can print booklets, magazines or pamphlets when your clients’ orders are placed and paid for.

3. Custom Printing Companies

• Custom printing can use both offset and digital printers, but as the name indicates it specializes in customized printing. Apart from custom size and quantities, custom print allows you to order different material from third party providers, choose special ink from other sources, and have special effects incorporated into your print. Because it requires additional work, custom printing can be expensive.

4. Printing Related Services

• A large portion of commercial printers’ clients are small and medium businesses that have their advertising materials printed. Because of this commercial printers have expanded their services to facilitate easier production of these marketing and advertising materials.

Services include but are not limited to the following:

• Mailing Services: This includes providing a mailing list for the clients’ direct mail marketing. They can provide you with lists and of course, mailing arrangements with the postal services.

• Design Tools: Some printing companies offer online design programs that give clients design templates to choose from. These often come free with the printing service.

• Finishing: Certain jobs are applied to certain print jobs for free like folding for brochures and binding for multi-page documents like calendars or catalogs. The selection for the types of binding, folding and the like may be limited.

Get to know the different kinds of commercial printing companies before you get your prints done. Not all printing companies are made equal; one company may offer better services than others.

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