The Advantages of Color Offset Printing

Advancement in printing technology has made digital printing possible. Not only is this a growing trend in the printing industry but going digital offers several options that you can not do with color offset printing. However, color offset printing has remained a staple in the services offered by printing companies.

Although there are many options that you can use when you choose to avail of digital printing services, color offset printing remains one of the most sought after print service. It is also one of the services that help printing companies in being profitable business endeavors. Here are some of the advantages offered by printing in offset:

Offset Printing Advantage Number 1:    You can print at a fast turn around

Turn around time is the term used to refer to the time it takes to finish your orders starting from the time that you approve the proof. Offset printing offers one of the fastest turn around times in the business even if you order large amounts of prints. Offset printers can have impression speeds of up to 30,000 impressions per minute making them the ideal printing service of choice when you print in bulk.

This impression speed can be achieved because of the process offset printing uses to produce your prints. Unlike digital printing where ink is sprayed starting from the top of the page to the bottom, offset printers use a plate that passes through several ink rollers to produce full color prints. The plate passes through these rollers several times depending on the number of prints ordered. As you can see, the offset printing method is more economical in its way of handling your print jobs.

Offset Printing Advantage Number 2:    Offset printing is very cost effective

Another advantage of offset printing over digital printing is that offset printing tends to be more cost effective especially when you want to print in bulk. The more you order in offset the less you pay per printed piece. How is this possible, you may ask. Again, a closer look at the printing process will reveal that the printing process is the main reason why.

As discussed earlier, a single plate is used to produce your prints. It is fed to several ink rollers again and again until you achieved your desired number of prints. The bulk of your print cost is charged to the production of this plate. The cost of the plate is divided on how many prints you ordered so the more  you order, the more times it is divided – making your print cost per piece less. Also, the production of plates is a one time cost that you can use again and again. For example you ran short on business cards and want to print another batch. Ask your printer if they still have the plates containing your design. If they do, you’ll definitely pay a lower price than when you printed before.

Through out the years, color offset printing has proven itself to be the most dependable printing service in the market. With its uncanny ability to produce high quality prints as well as printing large amounts of orders at very high speeds, it will remain as the backbone of any printing company.

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