Knowing Your Wholesale Prints

Adan Ines asked:

To promote your business it is inevitable for you to incur expenses for your advertising and marketing strategies. At times it can be really costly to produce prints that are vital in your marketing campaigns. Even if you use discounted items like paper and ink, the cost can still be a lot if you are not familiar with what you are doing and if you use the wrong printing company to handle your projects.

Because of this, it you need to find a printing company that allows you to have the greatest value for your dollar. You need a company that gives you wholesale prints at wholesale prices.

Wholesale prints are prints that are produced in bulk and are cheaper than most prints. This is because of several factors. First, wholesale prints are produced through gang run printing allowing the designers to share the cost of plate production with other designers. Gang running is the type of printing process wherein several designs are laid out on a single plate making the cost of the plate more efficient.

Here are some of the materials that you can order through wholesale prints:


Printing books are a lot more affordable when you print in wholesale. You can mass produce your prints and if you are a book author, remember that the more you print the less money you need to shell out. This method may seem to be more expensive especially when you can print on demand. However, the savings you incur when printing on demand is only applicable when you print a small number of copies. When you print in bulk, printing wholesale is definitely cheaper and you can even avail of more discounts when you ask your printers for promos that they offer.

Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Stickers, Product Labels, Signs, Banners and Posters

All these marketing and branding materials can be produced through printing wholesale. Not only will you get them done fast and easy but at an affordable price as well. Remember that the quality of your prints are not compromised even if the prices of you pints are significantly lower.

Paper, Plastic, or Foil Packaging

Flexography and gravure printing can be used for things such as paper and plastic bags and the range of products that you can create run from: milk cartons, disposable cups, and candy bar wrappers. The options and the materials that you can print are endless; also remember that since you are printing in wholesale, the cost of your prints is also very affordable.

Textile and fine art prints

There are several methods in which you can print textiles and fabrics. Offset printing, screen or silkscreen printing are printing methods that are popular when you want to produce printed t-shirts and banners on fabrics.

Fine art prints on the other hand can be produced through stochastic printing, photogravure printing and inkjet printing. Reproduction of fine art can be pricey but when you do it in via wholesale printing, you save more.

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