Did On-demand Printing Saved the Book Publishing Industry?

Carla San Gaspar asked:

Prior to on-demand printing, e-books and digital books have become the cheaper and more convenient alternative to actual printed books. Because of this, e-books are being preferred over traditional printed books by many. The result is a lower demand for actual printed books – leading to the lower production and printing of many titles.

The lower demand for printed titles makes printing books a risky business. Your publisher may or may not break even with the book’s printing cost. This makes book publishing very hard on up and coming writers and authors.

Because of this problem, on-demand printing is credited for saving the book publishing industry. Traditionally book printing, can only be done if you place a large amount of order. this is because the production cost of printing then will not allow printing in short run. Short run prints will cost more and therefore impractical.

However, advancements in printing technology have allowed printing on demand. Printing on demand simply refers to the printing services that allow you to print and specify when you want your prints done. This gives you total control on the production time of your prints so that you can control the supply of your books.

Also, because digital printing allows for your prints to be done in short run, you can now print the books based on the demand. If the demand is high, you can prints as many books as you want. If the demand is low, then you can lower the number of books that you print.

A word of caution though, to make sure that you are getting the best out of your on-demand printing company, ask these questions first before availing of their services:

Is the printer reliable?

The internet is a wonderful thing. Here you can research about the background and the integrity of your printing company. You can dig through the company background and look up things about their history and the like. You can also look for customers that they have served and find out if these customers are satisfied with the printing company’s services. If there are many complains and there are no satisfied customers, then it is safe to say that you need to go and find another printing company that will print your books for you.

Do the printed books look good?

You also need to find samples of the products that they have printed. If a printing company gives out free samples of their work then it is a good bet that they are confident in the quality of the products that they are offering. Find the company that has the print quality that you think will fit your company.

Are there hidden fees?

One of the more underhanded methods a printing company can do is to charge you with hidden fees. Hidden fees are the fees that you do not know about and yet you still end up paying them – sometimes even if you are not aware that they exist.

To help you eliminate this problem, check your receipt carefully and find out what things you are paying for. Do not be afraid to ask about these things to your printing company. After all, you are the one who is spending money.

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