Full Color Digital Printing at Your Fingertips

Adan Ines asked:

Full color digital printing is a printing method that allows you to print your materials through digital means. It allows you to bypass several mechanical processes that are associated with traditional offset printing technology. Offset printing processes like color stripping, color separation and plate production are not present in full color digital printing. Because of this, digital printing is faster, more efficient and is easier to do.

However, there are plenty more advantages that full color digital printing offers. These advantages are very unique and are used to supplement the services and printing options that you can do through offset methods. Here are some of them:

Printing on demand

Printing on demand means you can print your materials and you can specify when you want them done. This option is readily available through digital printing since there are less printing processes that you have to go through in order to create your prints. The fact that plenty of processes are by-passed means that you can save on the production time of your materials. This in turn means that you can have your prints at very fast turn around times.

Short run prints

Traditional offset printing methods made short run prints impractical to do. The fact that you need to go through several mechanical processes in order to have your materials printed means that the cost as well as the time needed to produce your prints is significantly high.

Digital printing solves this problem by shortening the production process and using direct to printer technology to lower both the production time and the production cost – making your short run prints easier to do.

Variable data printing

Variable data printing is a feature that is unique to digital printing. It allows you to mass produce custom printed materials as opposed to printing large amounts of copies of a single print. Also, since variable printing allows you to personalize the prints that you create, it makes it an ideal option when you want to embark on direct marketing campaigns that involve personal messages and approach.

What are the types of variable data printing?

There are different types of variable printing services and each of them have different characteristics and uses. Here are three of the most commonly used variable printing services.

On-demand short-run variable printing service

This type of variable printing service is just printing your materials in short run and adjusting the print quantity to the quantity that you want or the quantity that your project needs.

Selectable variable printing service

Selectable variable printing service on the other hand has several elements of your design that are static while several elements of your design are variable. This means that certain elements of your design can be changed from print to print. An example of this printing service would be your tickets and your direct mail materials where in you can change the name and addresses on each of your prints.

Full variable printing service

As the name suggests, the full variable printing services allows you to customize and personalize all the elements of your prints – creating a different design each and every time.

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