On Demand Printing in China Actually Saves Money

When you need something fast you usually think it means you will have to pay a premium price. On Demand printing is the exception to that rule.  Traditional offset printing requires the production of a metal plate which has to be mounted onto a very large press.  Producing and changing those plates is a time consuming process.  If you are in a rush for offset printing, the print shop must stop production and take those plates off the press and put your plates on.  Because of this you must pay a premium price.  Digital printing however does not require a plate to be made.  Your print file can go from computer directly to the digital printing press in seconds. Since “time is money” digital printing actually saves you costs. With on demand printing you only print documents in quantities that you need right now.  Since offset printing has high upfront costs, in order to achieve a low unit price you must print large quantities of your brochure, flyer, booklet or business cards.  Many times this quantity is much larger than your actual needs.  It is estimated that 31% of all printed materials get thrown in the garbage because the material has become obsolete. With digital printing your per unit cost may be slightly higher than offset printing but you will dramatically reduce the amount of material you throw away.

Contrary to what most think, on demand printing in Chna will help you save money. Below are some illustrations of how on demand printing can actually minimize your printing costs:

The average unit cost of offset printing or letterpresses is lower in large quantities but by the time you factor in the cost of making plates many times it is actually higher than that of on-demand.

With on demand printing, instead of printing 5,000 copies of a booklet for instance, you may choose to only print 1,000. You unit cost for printing those booklets on a digital printing press might be slightly higher, however you do not have to put those other 4,000 copies of the booklet (that you don’t really need right now) on a shelf where they might quickly become out of date. 

Because on demand printing means printing publications only when there is an actual need for the document, you save on inventory costs. Why tie up cash for something you don’t need right now. Print on demand can reduce inventory costs and free up cash.

On demand printing is also known as a web to print solution. This is because you can order you booklets printing, flyers printing, catalogs printing, brochures printing and business cards and other documents online. You can put your company documents online  and then when you or your employees want them printed you simply go online and order the document in the quantities you need at that moment. Since web to print solution are available online, you can order them anywhere at anytime.

This short run print is one technique for inventory management. This is because there is no inventory to stock. You get to print only if there is an order. So there is no inventory cost and no handling cost. This is indeed a savings.

ZX printng in China provides on demand printing for your publication needs. Whenever you want books or documents published right awa, you can count on the fast web to print solutions of Influence Graphics.

ZX printing also provides online customization of printing in it’s web to print solutions. You get to see templates of printings and you can actually personalize the designs, images and contents all online.

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