Going for an Online Digital Printing Company

Kaye Z. Marks asked:

There are many advantages to choosing a digital printing company. Not only are their services readily available online, but also they have the dynamism and speed most people relate to these days. They are faster, easily adaptable or adjustable and increase in their quality.

Off-set printing may still offer the clearest prints available, but the digital printing machines a digital printing company uses these days are quickly catching up to that level of quality. To fully realize the advantages of digital printing, read through the list below and see how you can benefit from this modern phenomenon.

Customizable sizes

Offset printers typically have set standard sizes. Be it for posters, brochures, booklets, catalogs and other print media, there is always a set dimension or size. This is because the whole printing machine has a set limitation on its dimensions at a given moment. It takes time to reset an offset printer for another task and size. Digital printers however do not have this limitation. You can print almost any size and shape using a digital printer and change its settings immediately. All the limitation a printer has is its actual physical size. With the increasing size of digital printers however, this is hardly a limitation anymore.

Faster production period

Digital printing offers incredibly fast production times for color printing. They can print anywhere from two or three days to a mere overnight rush printing. This faster production time is thanks to a more sped up process when compared to offset printing. Equipment can be adjusted quickly from one printing task to another within a few moments. In addition, the nature of quick drying inks today makes digital color printing immediately distributable.


Next, digital printing is versatile. Besides printing the usual standard print mediums like flyers, posters, booklets, brochures, catalogs a digital printer can make anything you can imagine that has to be printed in paper. In addition, it can do this without have to adjust any particular major thing in the equipment. You just have to enter the right kind of dimensions and settings to your software and it can print it. You do not even need professional setters to move components in the printer. It is all done using software.

Relatively lower cost

Lastly, digital printing can be done at a relatively low cost. In some offset printers, the first sample output is usually the most expensive since it takes effort to set the printer for the first production. For digital color printing the first sample printing is printed as easily as the others that will follow it. Therefore, a printing company can easily drop the increased cost for a sample printing. Some online printing companies even offer samples free. Because of this, you can adjust your designs before mass production begins. This saves you money in the long run.

Those are the advantages of digital color printing. So if this matches what you want for a printing company, then find a digital printing company near you and start printing those prints for your project or business. Good Luck!

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