The Guide to Marketing Using Posters

Lynne Saarte asked:

Poster printing is a powerful tool indeed for marketing. Have you seen the movie posters being displayed these past few years? They have been getting better and better. When I see a great design of a poster, I immediately want to see or go to that event. If they have the time, money and energy to create a great poster, they must have a fine movie, event or other project worth going to. That is the kind of power a print poster has over people. So it pays to use this advantage in a marketing campaign. Poster printing will give you the exposure you need for a mass audience. All you need to know is how to maximize the use of your posters and get almost everyone to see it. In this simple guide, we will tell you the best places to put your various color posters. Remember them well so that you can exploit the power of poster printing.

Use large outdoor posters in high traffic areas The first and the easiest way for a marketing campaign using posters is to use large sized posters in areas with very high traffic. They can be placed on display areas in main thoroughfares, and high traffic sidewalks. The sheer amount of people passing through these busy streets and sidewalks ensures the maximum impact of your outdoor poster. Be sure to ask your poster printing company for the best sizes for outdoor posters. Coupled with a unique design, you will have people studying it and passing along the word about your poster to other people. You can even have a whole advertising campaign just by using outdoor posters. If placed in high traffic areas, they will be repaying the money you spent for them in no time.

Use posters in indoor public places You can also use your posters in indoor public places. Depending on your poster’s content, you can place a poster at schools, churches, hospitals, shopping malls, sports stadiums, theatres and other buildings where the public gathers. Usually they have places reserved for displaying posters. Be sure to ask permission before placing your posters to avoid trouble. Usually, placing your poster is free but some places may charge you. Also, remember to take them down once finished as a since of respect for the administrators of that public place.

Place indoor posters near establishments where your target audience hang out. For more particular marketing campaigns aiming for a specific target audience, you should try to post your custom full color posters inside or near establishments where their specific “crowd” always gathers. For example, for a book launching and author signing event, a good practice is to provide bookstores with a free poster of the event to place at their counters. Most would welcome this move and since a lot of book readers loiter in bookstores, you will reach your target audience faster. Simply study where your target market usually goes to and place your poster near those places. You will have a direct line to them in no time.

Give posters as freebies or prizes Lastly, you can give free copies of your posters to people. Anything free is welcome and people will usually grab at the opportunity, and print poster are not exempt from that. When you give your posters away, this actually means you are using a cheap and fast distribution system for your posters. People might display your poster in their rooms or at the office. This further increases the amount of people that will look at your posters, at no extra cost. This also applies if you give the posters as prizes.

Great! Those are the general tactics you can use for marketing using poster printing. Of course do not be limited by these ideas and try out a few of your own. These are just the tried and tested ideas that work. So remember these techniques as you go about your marketing.

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