Anatomy of a Good Printing Company

Colleen Davis asked:

Choosing good print companies is an essential task. You don’t want to waste valuable money these days on a printing company with services that are outdated, expensive or not useful. However, judging print companies is not just about knowing how their printing quotations compare. For a true judgment of a printing company. you must look under the hood. You need to examine the anatomy of printing companies so that you can choose the right partner to print your materials.

Technological Expertise:

Your first trip on the anatomy of printing companies is their technology. Having the most cutting edge, or state of the art printing technology is what keeps a good printing company stand out among the rest. This does not only mean having the best and expensive equipment for off-set printing, it also includes a healthy foray in the new digital printing field. Both styles offer distinct advantages that a good poster printing company should invest in. Digital printing can be adjusted quickly and more cost efficiently, while off-set printing still offers the clearest and most beautiful prints. If your own printing company has both processes, then you may consider them as a good choice.

Types of Printing Services:

A good printing company must also have various types of printing services that cater to a wide variety of orders. This means that it should offer printing services for almost all types of printed materials, from bookmarks, brochures, business cards, posters, rack cards, table tents and everything in between. A wide offering of printing services means that a printing company has all the equipment and expertise which you can take advantage of. Especially if you plan to print different kinds of materials, printers with extensive offerings can be one of the best partners that you can have.

Good Customer Service:

Of course, a good printer, must also have good customer service. Like any other kind of business, the customer must always be treated with polite service and great care. The mark of a good printing company is the presence of a good and timely customer service. People must be able to go through the printing process without having any difficulty and in the quickest way possible. If a printing company doesn’t have this kind of service at the outset, you would probably do well look for another.

Extensive Service Coverage:

Also, another mark of a good printing company is extensive service coverage. This is especially true for online printing companies that offer product deliveries. If they can offer state-wide or nationwide delivery for their products, then you should mark them as a printer that you should do business with. Besides that however, other printing services also offer affiliate distribution services as well, typically with the same state-wide or nationwide reach. This means that you can print, and distribute your printing orders all with the same transaction. If your printing partner has this feature then you might not want to let them go.

Competitive Prices:

Lastly, good printers always offer competitive prices. They may be a big multi-state printing company, or a local printing service, a good printer always has their customers interest at hand. This means keeping prices as low as possible while still keeping up with a certain standards in quality. A bad printing company will typically increase its printing quotations once it realizes its monopoly on a certain market location. This is a bad tactic, and is something to look out for when choosing your printing company.

So, when you are choosing your printing company, try to judge them through the characteristics stated above. Not all printers are alike, and for your own success and comfort in publishing certain materials, you would really benefit from choosing the best one out there. So choose wisely and you will never regret it.

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