What Can A Typical Online Printing Company Can Do For You?

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

It is understandable if you are a bit unsure when it comes to an online printing company. What truly are its advantages? What are the services they offer? Are they like any other printing company? Or are there special services that only an online printing company have? This article will help you answer some of these questions. We have listed down the typical services that an online printing company has. Hopefully this should help you understand how they work and if it is beneficial to do business with them.

Design Help: One of the key features that an online printing company has is online help. Specifically, some online printers offer design or layout help for various printed media. This may come in two forms. The first form is the design template. Online printing companies sometimes may offer free downloadable templates that people can customize and use as their own custom design. This is a great service especially for people who do not know a lot of printing designs yet. All they need to do is to enter their important material into the template and then they are virtually done.

Besides templates though, online printing companies may also offer actual online help through a design consultant. Most will offer free advice on what applications to use, and the relevant properties and settings that you should set once you do send your own printed design. Since everything is done online there is no real trouble with this setup and you should gain great insights on how to really design for online printing

Digital or Off-set Printing: Of course the main service that online printing companies have are its printing services. Most online companies offer digital as well as off-set printing for various print media. From booklets, brochures and flyers, to posters, folders and business cards, most online printers have no limit on what they can do with published prints. Just look through most of their websites and you should see a list of their printing services. Some may even offer specific printings like plastic poster printing, or table tent printing.

Delivery Service: After printing, most online printers offer a delivery service for their products. This is one of the best features that an online printing company can offer you. You can even set a delivery date for your printouts so that you can really set your schedule for the use of your prints. Online printers may even offer overnight printing if you want for an additional cost.

Distribution Service: Also, besides delivery, some printing firms offer distribution services for their prints. This is basically like a courier service that is attached to the printing company. For example, you can have your marketing postcards or catalogs made and then delivered immediately to the marketing addresses that you specify. You won’t need to mail them yourself, or you won’t need to hire a separate courier service. So if you are a direct mail marketer, this service is particularly useful when hiring an online printing company.

24 hour Online Customer Support: Lastly, most online printers offer 24 hour online customer support. This is extremely useful especially if you are doing rush printing jobs, or if you have extensive printing needs or issues that may come at night. With the online nature of these kinds of businesses 24 hour customer support is basically a must.

Those are the typical services that an online printing company may have. As you can see there are several things that traditional printers do not offer, that make online printing unique and very useful for a lot of people. So, if you like any of these services, you may want to look for your own online printer to help with your printing needs.

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