Reasons for Printing Digital

Printing Guy asked:

Why has digital printing become so popular? When do I need to use digital printing? There are three main reasons people have come to use digital printing.

Customers ordering lower and lower quantities. In our world of change these days information needs to be revised constantly. This has meant more obsolescence in printed products and lost $$$ in printed inventory being thrown away. This has led the trend towards print users reducing quantities ordered so they can choose to change or update information as needed.

Faster turntimes. Our world also requires on demand printing to be just that supply when needed as required. The computer revolution has led us all to want information when we need it as required. The normal turntime of a digital job is 2-3 days with many being done same day or overnight. Digital printing due to the reduction in production steps from offset printing can normally be turned quicker. This also can be attributed to the ink being dry enough to cut or fold as it comes off the press.

The third main reason is still evolving. Variable data printing or one to one marketing is where the image or text changes from impression to impression. This is still a growing market and will continue to grow as we find ways to refine marketing for individuals versus mass markets. We are not just talking salutations but pictures and text based upon that individuals needs or wants. Although, this has been in existence for many years it is still in early adoption stages and will become more important as education and technology evolves.

There are many other reasons that final users are using digital printing for more of their print needs but this seem to be the main driving factors at this time. Here are some of the products that digital printing is used for in present day(postcards, brochures, posters, flyers, sales sheets).

There are also limitations of digital printing. Be careful in using digital printing where foil stamping or laser ink jet printing is going to be done. The laser printer after digital printing can soften the ink and come off in the laser printer. Inkjet printers are normally fine but should be tested.

Digital printing after foil stamping can also release the foil from the heat of the laser printer. Foil stamping after digital printing should meet with success as long as foil stamping is not going over the digital printing. There are exceptions to this but testing is recommended. Film lamination over digital printing meets with varying success based upon liquid ink versus toner digital printing.

Testing should be done to insure success.

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