How to Create and Write a Book Title

James Malinchak asked:

Until you go to write a non-fiction book you may take for granted the title of a book.  Creating a book title that captures the imagination of the buyer is critical.  Book titles and book covers are the first impression, and must catch the eye of the purchaser. 

Book titles must tell the buyer exactly what the book is about  and what the benefits of the product will be to them, and how it will solve their problem.  Creating book titles is not a quick and easy job.  In fact, a great deal of time should be taken over choosing the right words to immediately and accurately catch the attention of the buyer.

Learning how to write a book title is a very important part of completing your writing project.  You may have the best information in the world inside the cover, but if you do not learn how to write the title of a book correctly, all the work you have put into creating a great product will mean nothing because it will not capture the buyers attention.

You must know exactly who will be buying your book, so that you can directly target them with the title of your book. 

People buy books because they have a need that they want fulfilled, and they are looking for a book that will solve their problem for them.  So when you are going to create book titles you need to understand the problem and tell them in the title how the book is going to solve their problem.

The book title and the cover design can make or break your sale.  When you create a book title you need to keep it short and relevant.

If you feel that you need to explain more about your book on the cover you can use subtitles.  Sub-titles should be very succinct and to the point.  By doing this, the buyer will know exactly what they are buying and will not be lead astray by a long wishy, washy title that could conjure up another irrelevant idea in their head.

Samples of book titles could be:

“15 Important Tips To Help You Buy The Right Fishing Tackle”

“25 Best Ever Tips For A Better Fishing Catch”

As opposed to:

“Great Fishing Tips Just For You”

“Catch More Fish.  We Tell You How”

The first two titles say how they will solve the problem and also give the benefits, whilst the second two titles just try and create hype.

Several words that should not be used in book titles are ‘work’ and ‘train’.  These two particular words conjure up the thought of more hard graft.  Who needs it?  Instead, use words like ‘activity’ and ‘boot camp’, or other suitable words that create a more positive impression.

Another point to take on board when learning how to write a title of a book, is not to name the problem you are solving in the title.  Such as, ‘Stop Procrastinating’, instead use ‘Learn How To Get More Done In Less Time’.

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