Your E-books are not Selling!

Bishan asked:

Have you written an e-book recently? Do you want to make more money with it? The best way to make more money with your e-book is by selling more copies of your e-book!

If your e-book is not selling as well as you would like (or if it is not selling at all), you are not alone. Every week solopreneurs contact me to ask for help with marketing their e-books. Here are two of the most common stories of e-books not selling:

– A service professional has spent hundreds of hours writing an interesting e-book, had a copywriter create a sales letter for the e-book and put the e-book up for sale on the web site. It has been a year since the e-book was released, and the service professional has sold a grand total of two copies. For more details go to He has invested a lot of time and money into the e-book and wants to get some return on that investment. What should he do now?

– A coach has seen many of her colleagues release e-books. She decided to do the same thing. She has created an e-book put it up on her web site. She has posted information about the e-book on a few coaching lists, but no one is coming to check out the e-book on her web site. How can she get people to at least come to check out the e-book on her web site?

Does this sound familiar? If your e-books are not selling, you are not alone. Many service professionals have told me that they have spent many hours creating an e-book, only to post it on their web site and find out that it is not selling.

Do you want to know why this is happening and how to prevent this from happening to your e-book? Here is how:

– Your target market may not even be interested in the e-book. Sometimes service professionals are too excited about the idea that they create an e-book without finding out if their target market is interested in buying it.

Remember, your target market must want to buy your e-book in order for the e-book to sell and make you money. Before you invest time and money into an idea, survey your target market and make sure that the topic for your product resonates with your target audience.

– Your e-book is not priced for the target market. This is a common mistake that I see service professionals make. Many service professionals under price their e-books, thinking that they will get more sales by doing this.

Unfortunately, this is not true. Since the e-book has many benefits and a low price, your potential customers doubt that what you are promising them is true. Great benefits and a low price usually sound too good to be true. You can also visit us at Therefore, many people just pass on your great offer. Instead, these people buy from someone else who sells their e-books at a higher price.

Many times I have seen that sales of e-books have gone up once the price was increased. Spend some time on researching your product pricing; this is a very crucial part of your overall e-book marketing plan.

– You do not market your product effectively. Many solopreneurs put up a product on their web site and expect it to sell. The truth is that a product will not sell on its own. To have consistent product sales you need to drive web site traffic to your product page every single day.

If you want to earn money with your e-books and teleseminars, make sure that your target market is interested in buying them, price your products correctly and market them effectively.

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