Is Reading The Only Way To Experience A Book?

William Stephenson asked:

Ever since our childhood, we are told that books are our best friends and we must read as many of them as we can. It is definitely true that books teach us new things and improve our imagination and knowledge. They are also a great way to improve one’s vocabulary. There is nothing better than sitting comfortably with a great book in hand and with nothing else on the mind.

But in today’s world, when people hardly have enough time to sit in one place longer than 30 minutes, reading books is practically out of question. Most people would love to check out the newest books of their favorite author or give another read to a classic novel. But their time constraint stops many of them from doing so.

Of course there is a great solution to this problem. Audio books have emerged as a boon for literature as these allow people to listen to a book rather than read one. People can listen to the book while driving or doing chores around the house.

Audio books have also been used for many decades by the learning and visually impaired people. Earlier, they used to come in a recorded cassette which could only be heard on a bulky cassette player or car stereo. But today, audio books have become tech-savvy. Audio books have now become digital. They are easily available on CDs and can also be downloaded through internet also.

The invention of the IPod has done more for audio books than anything else. With an IPod, listeners can now enjoy their favorite audio books wherever they want to. These portable devices can store multiple books and their sound quality is unbelievable. The stereophonic headphones have enhanced the experience of listening to a book like never before. This incredible technology has even drawn sworn non-readers towards books.

But some people think that books should be read not listened to. But if we look at the whole action of reading a book and compare it to listening to an audio book, then we won’t find much difference. Audio books take us on a journey to a whole new place and make us visualize scenarios and experiences. Therefore, audio books don’t reduce the joy of a book at all.

On the contrary, some people say that hearing rather than reading a story is more engaging and enjoyable. This is a fact that every six year old will agree to. Audio books are also a great way to introduce a child to books. Some experts believe that children who listen to audio books at an early age are more imaginative and inclined towards reading. Audio books also instill a sense of curiosity in kids towards literature and different genres which is excellent for their intellectual growth.

Audio books are available at book and music stores everywhere. There are millions of sites on the internet which allow easy downloads of a wide range of books. So, don’t waste time, and start listening!

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